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剑桥国际少儿英语KB3 Unit7 world of animals

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1. Get to know each other.

2. Learning classroom rules.
3.Revise animals they have learned and talk about them. 4.Learn more words about animals. 5.Present the dialogue. 6. Learn the dialogue in detail.

1. Greetings

2. Self-introduction
3. Learning classroom rules.

It’s big and strong. It can carry trees.


It sleeps 20 hours a day.

It likes to eat fish, fruit, plants and meat.

It lives in China.

short thin

bamboo long strong legs



a long nose very clever

a big mouth

small teeth

a lot of teeth



a big head


[sp?:m hweil]

sperm whale

A killer whale is smaller than a sperm whale in its size.

[? hweil] kil?

killer whale

blue whale
The blue whale is the world's largest living animal.

It’s colourful. It eats fruit. It talks a lot.


It can fly, but it isn’t a bird.

It eats fruit and insects.

It sleeps in the day and get their food at night.

[? ɑ:kt?k]

Arctic Ocean
[? j??r?p] Europe North America

Asia [? e???] Africa [? ?frik?]
[? ???i:? ?ni:?]
South America

[? nt? ɑ:kt?k?]


A map of the world

My home is in Australia.

Stella and Simon are looking at animals of the world on the computer.

1.What are Simon and Stella doing?

They’re looking at animals of the world on the computer.
2.What animals do you think Stella likes?

She likes pandas.
3.What do kangaroos eat?

They eat leaves.
4. Which animals talk a lot?

Parrots talk a lot.

Stella: Ooh. ‘Animals o of the world…Dolphins, whales and sharks live in the sea. Dolphins eat fish.’ Simon: Yeah, and bears eat fish too. They eat everything---fish, fruit, plants, meat…Look at this one. It’s big and strong. Stella: Yes, lions are strong too. They sleep a lot. Simon: Here’s a kangaroo. It eats leaves. Stella: I like pandas. They’re black and white, and they live in China. Simon: Wow! These small brown bats sleep in the day and get their food at night…They’re really quick. They can eat 100 insects in five minutes. Stella: Oh, yuk. Here are Suzy’s favourite animals. These parrots are beautiful. They’re red, yellow, green, blue… Simon: And they talk a lot, just like Suzy!

e a b

g h i

Guided composition ( a riddle)
Write about your favourite wild animal. What’s your favourite wild animal?

What colour is it? What’s it like?

Red, green, blue, black, white, orange, yellow…

Tall/short, big/small, fat/thin, strong/ weak..

What does it like to eat? fish., fruit, plant, leaves, meat...
What can it do?
Climb, jump, run, fly, walk, swim...

Where does it live? Sea, land, forest, China, Australia...

Let’s play a guessing game.
The small animal can fly but it isn’t a bird. It sleeps in the day and gets their food at night.

Guess what is it? It’s a bat.

The football is bigger than the table tennis.


table tennis is smaller than the football .

The yellow ruler is longer than the blue one. The blue ruler is shorter than the yellow one.

Pay attention to the pronunciation of comparatives.

www. World of animals.com

If you want to know more about animals, look up on the internet.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Who’s looking at animals on the internet? Is the elephant clean or dirty? What can elephants carry? Can elephants swim?

Lenny: We’ve got homework on animals today. Simon: Mmm, let’s use the internet. It’s quicker than using a book. Lenny: Cool. Look at this elephant. It’s bigger than all the other land animals in the world. Stella: Shall we look at another animal? Look at this. Lenny: A bat. Stella: It’s much smaller than the elephant. It says that some bats are only four centimetres long. Lenny: The elephant is stronger---it says it can carry trees! Simon: And the elephant is much dirtier than the bat. Elephants like swimming in dirty rivers and lakes when it’s hot. Just like Dotty!

The Internet is ____ _____ using a book. Elephants are _____ _____ other land animals. Bats are _____ _____ than elephants. The elephant is _____ _____ ______the bat.

Whales are bigger than dolphins. Dolphins are longer than whales. Dolphins are quicker than whales.

Elephants are dirtier than bats. Elephants are stronger than hippos.
Sharks are longer than dolphins.

ter er



I’m walking, I’m walking. What can I see?... I can see a lion and it’s bigger than me. I’m swimming, I’m swimming. What can I see?... I can see a shark and it’s uglier than me. I’m standing, I’m standing. What can I see?... I can see a snake and it’s thinner than me.

I’m hiding, I’m hiding. What can I see?... I can see a bat and it’s smaller than me. I’m sitting, I’m sitting. What can I see?... I can see a monkey and it’s naughtier than me.

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