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Could you give them some advice on how to learn English well?

What are your difficulties in learning English?

Listen to the dialogue and finish the form. (录音P71-1a) Difficulties in Name learning English Wang Can’t remember Junfeng new words.
Li Xiang

Be weak in reading. Dare not answer questions in class.

Li Ming

Read the dialog , and try to answer the questions:
1. How does Kangkang remember new words?

Copy new words on pieces of paper, stick them on the walls in my bedroom or in the living room and read the words aloud when I see them.
2. How does Kangkang improve reading?

Try to guess the meanings of new words and get the main idea of the article.
3. What advice does Kangkang give Li Ming?

Think about the answer, take a deep breath and smile, and then answer the question.




be weak in/at = be not good at sth./doing sth.


He is weak in playing basketball, but he is good at soccer.

take a deep breath

have a deep breath

when, what, which, who, how, whether 等 (除why)

+ to do(不定式)


1. She doesn’t know how to deal with the problem. 2. The teacher wants to know who to answer the question.

II.从方框中选择正确的词语完成句子。 when, which, how, whether, where how 1. ----Please tell me ________ to get to the TV station. ----Follow me, please. I’ll go there soon. which 2. There are so many beautiful flowers. I can’t decide _______ to buy. 3. I don’t know _______ to find my book. The room is so large. where when 4. ----Could you tell me _______ to leave for Shanghai? ----Tomorrow evening. whether 5. ----I can’t decide _______ I’ll go to the party or not. ----I wish you could go there.

He wants to go on a trip. He is thinking where to go about____________.

He has difficulty in There are many kinds of toothpaste. learning English. He asks Kangkang He can’t decide what to do __________. which one to buy ________________.

What time?

He is going to meet his friends. But he forgot__________ what time to ________. meet them

He has a lot of work to do. He is wondering whether to go to _____________________ the party ____________.


Two years ago, Kangkang was weak in English and he didn’t _________ know how to improve it. So he went to ___________ an English language school. He learned a lot there. He often helps his friends. Li Ming ______________ dare not answer questions in class because he is afraid making mistakes of _______________ . Kangkang told him _________________ and smile, to take a deep breath then answer the question. Smiling is always helpful.

2 Work alone. Choose the right suggestions from the box.
Difficulty Suggestion (C)1. I don’t know how to remember A. CCTV-NEWS.
new words. (D)2. My difficulty in learning English is how to get the pronunciation right. ( F )3. I don’t know where to find a pen pal. ( B)4. I don’t know whether t

o join an English club. ( A)5. Please tell me which TV channels can help me to learn English. ( E I wonder when is the best time )6. to remember words. B. You should join an English club. C. You can use new words in sentences and copy them in your notebook. D. You’d better follow the tape and do lots of listening practice. Listening to VOA will help you to improve your skills as well. E. I think morning is the best time to remember words. F. You can find one on the radio or in the magazines.

How to learn English well As we know, English is becoming more and more important, but how to learn English well? I’m glad to share our opinions with you. First, we can… Second, …

Last but not least, …

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