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剑桥国际少儿英语KB3 Hello 文本

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Hello (你好!)

4. Listen. Say the number.

d-o-l-l ( That’s number eighteen and it’s pink.)

b-i-k-e ( That’s number seventeen and it’s purple.)

t-r-a-i-n ( That’s number twelve and it’s purple.)

m-o-n-s-t-e-r ( That’s number fourteen and it’s purple.) g-a-m-e ( That’s number nineteen and it’s green.)

c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r ( That’s number fifteen and it’s grey. ) k-i-t-e ( That’s number eleven and it’s yellow and red. ) c-a-m-e-r-a (That’s number twenty and it’s white.)

l-o-r-r-y ( That’s number sixteen and it’s orange.)

h-e-l-i-c-o-p-t-e-r ( That’s number thirteen and it’s blue.)

8. Listen. Who is it?

She’s drinking orange juice. ( That’s Meera. ) She’s jumping. ( That’s Suzy. )

He’s eating an apple. ( That’s Lenny. )

He’s showing Lenny his new school bag. ( That’s Simon. ) She’s reading a book. ( That’s Stella. )

He’s playing football. ( That’s Alex. )

14. Listen. Repeat the word and say the colour. 1 frog (Frog. Orange.)

2 dress (Dress. Red.)

3 hit (Hit. Pink.)

4 box (Box. Orange.)

5 watch (Watch. Orange.)

6 friend (Friend. Red.)

7 swim (Swim. Pink.)

8 man (Man. Black.)

9 bread (bread. Red.)

10 egg (egg. Red.)

11 milk (Milk. Pink.)

12 flat (Flat. Black.)

13 in (In. Pink.)

14 on (On. Orange.)

15 hat (Hat. Black.)

16 drink (Drink. Pink.)

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