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you should see a dentist

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Topic 2

You should see a dentist

Section B



take some medicineboiled water

lie down

have a rest

You should have a rest.You'd better drink hot water.

listen and choose

1.---What's wrong with Bruce?

C---He has_____?

A. a toothache B. a fever C. a headache and a cough

2. What's Steve's suggestion?BA. Seeing a doctor

B.Taking some medicine

C.Going home and rest

1.Steve looks well. ( )F

T2.Bruce has been ill for two days. ( )

3.Steve will take Bruce to the hospital. ( )F4.Bruce will take some medicine. ( )T

Number the sentences to make up a conversation similar to 1a


A: What's wrong/ the matter with you?B: I have a toothache.

A:You shouldn't eat too much candy./You should brush your teeth twice a day


listen,pay attention to the weak

form and incomplete plosion

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