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In China there are such a group: their parents in order to work out a living, use industrious for family income, for the economic development and social stability to make a contribution, but they have to stay in the countryside at home, and parents accompanying the little time, including mainland cities, there are parents both go out to busy city jobs. These should be the parents of children is apple centralized and became a special disadvantaged groups--left-behind children

The one by one the look in the eyes of the confusion By far the figure of parents trap

Left Behind-children

Next let we watch a short videos

Many left-behind children's characters:
Hate learning


Even resentment of parents psychological!!!!!

they’re all miss their parents

They know better than their peers

Most of them are more love learning

Most of them are more diligence
Most of them are more filial piety

more love

play with them

With our love for they hold up love of blue sky

the end
thank you!!

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