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Unit 5 We have a big family dinner. lesson 2

? Background Information ? There are students of Grade 4. All of them like English very much.(including 25boys,20girls) The student active 。 learning the enthusiasm very high, also can seriously finish.They attach great importance to in English. ? Time:40minutes

Teaching Objectives
? Ⅰ.language Knowledge ? 1.Understand these words:Happy ,for about,Spring Festival Chinese New Year”etc. ? 2.Undertand the sentence "At the Spring Festival,we like to.." ? Ⅱ.Language Skills ? 1.Be able to use these sentence patterns”At Spring Festival,we have.../At Spring Festival,we eat.../Say‘Happy New Year’to...”. ? 2.Can describe people in the activities of the Spring Festival. ? Ⅲ.Affect ? After the students had learned this lesson,could express the Festival's greetings and describe the customs of festival.

Teaching Aids
? powerpoint/word cards/pictures/etc. Teaching Methods and Approaches 1.Situational teaching method(情境教学 法)/Oral English method(讲授法) 2.Inquiry learning method(探究式学习法) /The team cooperation and communication method(小组合作交流法 )

Key Point and Difficult Points ? 1.Master these few words”for about Spring Festival Chinese New Year”.
2.The pronunciation of these words“Spring Festival、peanuts and sweets ”. 3.Be able to use these sentence patterns”At the Spring Festival,we had..../ We have peanuts and sweets./ Happy New Year to...”

Teaching Steps
? Step1:Greetings and warmer.
? 1.Say hello each other.Sing a song together. ? 2.Teacher prepared some food cards, and asked the students: what do you like?Then,guide the student to answer: I like…….According to the student's answer to send food cards to students.Teacher ask:What have you got?Guide the student to answer:I have got……

Step2:New teaching.
Teachers take a picture of the Spring Festival couplets or everyone, asked the students:What is about? Students can use Chinese to express it.Teacher :Yes,Spring Festival.Then,Teach new words, individual spot check.Teacher:What do we say at Spring Festival?What do we have at Spring Festival?Discuss in groups of four, and then report the whole class. ? In the process of students reported, the student whose pronunciation is the standard in please do little teacher.For example:We say Happy New Year,then teach Happy New Yea.If the student can not say it, the teacher in the text content:If the student can not say it, the teacher in the text content.Teacher show the pictures while professor new sentences:We have a big family dinner.We have peanuts and sweets.The teacher can also guide the student say they know of other food.

Step3:Practice & Game time.
The teacher prepared songs and big red envelope at Chinese New Year. The red envelope contained many CARDS about food. The teacher start playing music, students pass a red envelope. Music stop, get students to draw a

card from the inside of a red envelope, use the sentence patterns:At spring festival,we have…Express the food to draw by content, at the same time, raised his card, other students please judge whether it is right.. ? Please prepare two big paper, students write respectively: true and false. The teacher read some sentences related to the Spring Festival, please students while listening to a judgment according to the text content, and raised his hand CARDS right and wrong. For example: Teacher:At Spring Festival,we go to school. Students:False.

Step4:Intellectual development
? Please students to collect the other drawings or photographs of the festival, understand their customs and habits. Collect their knowledge to the students to do.

? The teacher with the students to do classroom activity book.

? Listen to the tape and read the text aloud, and try to recite.



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