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1, imm__diately 2, le__st 3, act__r 4, w__ve 5, mi__e 6, spe__d 7, dre__m 8, li__ence 9, da__ling 10, __fraid 11, fam__us 12, actr__ss 13, re__d 14, tra__k 15, ov__rtake 16, lim__t 17, si__n 18, ch__rge 19, d__ive 20, stat__on

二、标出单词划线部音标 19, drive 三、根据句子意思填入正确单词,单词首字母已给

1, It’s dangerous here. Please keep away i_______.

2, China is f____ for the Great Wall.

3, The a_______ finished her performance on the stage.

4, Look, he is w________ to us on the train.

5, The front car is too slow and let us to ______ it.

6, If you lose your way, look the s______ over there.

7, There are ten m_____ from this town to that one.

8, I love you, d______.

9, I have got a driving l_____

10. The s______ limit is 50 km/h.


1, Wait _____me out there.

2. The bus stops _____ the bus stop.

3. I got up ______ 6 o’clock.

4. The policeman wanted him ____ stop..

5. You must have been driving ____ 100 miles per hour.

6. You ___ better do it now.

7. I didn’t see the sign _____ all.

8. Take ___ advice, son.

9. You’d better ____ do it again. It’s too dangerous.

10. She must be ___ least forty.


1. I think it is not ____

A. that long ago B. those long ago C. ago that long D. ago these long

2. Who’s ____ beside the man over there?

A. this B. that C. Tom D. which

3. She must be at least ___

A. forty and fifty B. forty or fifty C. the forty and the fifty D. the forty or the fifty

4. That ____ be my pen. Mine is here in my hand.

A. can B. must C. need D. can’t

5. He ___ be Mr. Smith. I know him well.

A. need B. must C. can D. will

6. I drove slowly ____ the road.

A. on B. in C. from D. to

7. Mrs. White arrived ____ at 6 o’clock yesterday.

A. home B. in home C. at home D. at home

8. I’m afraid ____ he cannot see you now.

A. and B. that C. of D. then

9. Where ____ you are?

A. you think B. do you think C. you have thought D. are you thinking

10. You ___ do it again.

A. had better not B. had better not to C. would better not D. would better not to


1. I can finish the job with myself.

2. I had to took a taxi last night.

3. You needn’t to write it down.

4. Who's that beside to her?

5. I think she is forty least.

6. She was a sixteen-years old girl at that moment.

7. Isn’t he her the second husband?

8. Where you think you are?

9. The blue car is moving at 70 miles a hour.

10. This is my drive licence and that is yours.


1, 我非常抱歉

2, 我不得不独立完成作业

3, 你不用现在去医院

4, 我看他至少有六十岁了

5, 中国以长城闻名于世

6, It can’t be his new house.

7, They must be Chinese.

8, You needn’t drive at seventy miles an hour.

9, I will not charge you this time.

10, I was doing eighty miles an hour when I overtook you.


1, she famous, actress, when, I, was, still, school.

2, he, can’t, tallest, in, the, class.

3, he, must, tired, for, fall, asleep, immediate

4, I, afraid, she, not, has, got, driving, licence,

5, I, have, to, tell, him, not, hurt, him

6, you, had, better, no, do, it, again

7, you, must, have, been, drive, at, 70, miles, an, hour

8, I, doing, eighty, miles, an, hour, when, I , overtake, you

9, I, not, charge, you, this, time

10, she, must, have, been, here, ago, five, minute.


一、1, immediately 2, least 3, actor 4, wave, 5, mile 6, speed 7, dream 8, licence 9, darling 10, afraid 11, famous 12, actress 13, read 14, track 15, overtake 16, limit 17, sign 18, charge 19, drive 20, station


三、1, immediately 2, famous 3, actress 4, waving 5, overtake

6, sign 7, miles 8, darling 9, licence 10, speed

四、1, for, 2, at 3, at, 4, to 5, at 6, had 7, at 8, my 9, not 10, at

五、1—5 ABBDB 6—10 AABBA

六、1, with—by 2, took—take 3, 去掉to 4, 去掉 to 5, least—at least 6, sixteen-years-old—sixteen-year-old 7, 去掉the 8, you think—do you think 9, a—an 10, drive—driving

七、1, I am terribly sorry

2, I have to finish the homework by myself.

3, You needn’t go to hospital now.

4, I think she is at least sixty.

5, China is famous in the world for the Great Wall. 6, 这肯定不是他的新房。

7, 他们一定是中国人。

8, 你不需要把时速开到70英里。

9, 这次我不罚你。

10, 我超你车时开到了每小时80英里。

八、1, She was a famous actress when I was still at school.

2, He can’t be the tallest in the class.

3, He must be tired for he fall asleep immediately. 4, I’m afraid she hasn’t got a driving licence.

5, I have to tell him not to hurt himself.

6, You had better not do it again.

7, You must have been driving at 70 miles an hour.

8, I was doing eighty miles an hour when I overtook you. 9, I will not charge you this time.

10. She must have been here five minutes ago.

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