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新概念英语3级(第一册57—68课) A卷

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新概念英语3级(第一册57—68课) A卷

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1、A handbag B umbrella C Italian D mechanic

2、A yes B pencil C very D ticket

3、A school B food C foot D room

4、A she B television C electric D left

5、A shut B full C cup D blunt

6、A type B empty C untidy D heavy

7、A family B wash C bank D valley

8、A bridge B with C building D beside

9、A sugar B park C hard D garden

10、A dresses B blouses C rooms D oranges


1、—Is this your coat?

— .

A No, it is B Yes, it isn’t C Yes, it is D No, this is

2、Is this an Italian car an American car?

A or B and C but D ∕

3、Mary is a student. isn’t Chinese. is American.

A He, He B She, She C It, It D She, He

4、— ?

—I’m French.

A Where are you from? B Where nationality are you?

C What are you from? D What nationality have?

5、—What’s your job?

— .

A She is worker B I am a worker

C Her job is a worker D She is a worker

6、—How is Jim today?

— , thanks.

A He’s good B He’s fine C He is a student D He fine

7、—What are their jobs?

—They’re .

A milkmens B milkmans C milkmen D milkman

8、 is a book on the desk.

A That B This C What D There

9、There bottles on the table.

A are B be C being D is

10、—May I come in?

— , please.

A You come B Come in C Come D You come in

11、There some magazines on the chair. A are B is C be 12、—Where is Kate?

—She’s in the garden. She under the tree. A is sit B sit C is sitting 13、— you speak English? —Yes, I .

A Must, must B May, may C May, must 14、 are doing our homework.

A Jane and I B Jane and me C I and Jane 15、Some children are looking the window. A of B out C out of 16、When to paint it? A are you B are you going to C go to 17、This is my book. Please give . A I it B it me C it to I 18、 you type this letter for me? A Must B Are C Can 19、The children are swimming the river. A under B across C over 20、Look at those ! They are busy. A housewifes B housewifs C housewife 三、英译汉(每小题3分,共15分)

1、This is Miss Maria. Maria is a new student. _______________________________________ 2、That’s a nice dress. It’s very smart.

____________________________________________ 3、What’s your job? I am a worker.

________________________________________ 4、You should take some medicine.

________________________________________ 5、I am going to the bus station now.

________________________________________ 四、汉译英(每小题3分,共15分) 1、你最喜欢哪个节日?

_________________________ 2、我一天刷牙两次.

_________________________ 3、请不要把垃圾扔在地上. _________________________ 4、你来自哪里?

_________________________ 5、她正在写作业。


D being

D sits

D Can, can D Me and Jane D beside D do you

D it to me

D Do

D along

D housewives


A: It’s December 30 today.

B: 1 2 flies! A new year is 3 .

A: What are you going to do?

B: I’m going to the shop to 4 something 5 our evening party.

A: 6 are you going to hold the party?

B: On New Year’s Eve. We’ll have our teachers and students get together until New Year’s Day come.

A: Can you tell me something about your party?

B: 7 8 . First I will ask our Chinese teacher to give us a talk 9 the history of our country, then some students will sing and dance, and we will have our meal together. A: I think it’s very interesting. I hope you’ll 10 yourself.


One night, a thief broke into an old man’s house. He made a noise and woke up the old man and wife. The husband told his wife to be silent, while he said loudly, “My dear, these days, thieves are cleverer. If they take off their clothes and put them on the table, the people in the room will fall asleep and can’t wake up.”

When he heard this, the thief took off his clothes at once and was ready to work.

At this moment, the husband suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Stop thief!” The thief was very frightened. He ran away as fast as he could and left his clothes on the table.

1、One night, a thief an old man’s house. ( )

A looked for B got into

C broke into D slept in

2、The husband spoke loudly to his wife in order to the thief. ( )

A warn B frighten

C help D trap(使??上当)

3、The thief thought he would after he took off his clothes. ( )

A feel cooler B make the old man happy

C become cleverer D steal more things

4、The thief took off his clothes at once and was ready to work. What does the “work” mean?

( )

A steal things B help the old man to do some housework

C to sleep D to watch TV

5、At last, the thief ran out of the house . ( )

A happily B with a lot of money

C with many things D without his own clothes

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