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( )11、The blackboard is ______ the teacher. 1、( ) 2、( ) 3、( ) 4、( ) A. over B. behind C. on D. in

5、( )6、 ) 7、( ) 8、 gent( ) 9、( )10、 day ( ) 二、按要求写单词(10’)

1、well(比较级)2、he(形容词性物主代词) 3、housewife(复数) 4、busy(反义词) 5、say(过去式) 6、23rd(序数词) 7、child(复数)8、us(主格)9、wind(形容词) 10、his(名词性的物主代词)三、选择填空:(15’)

( )1、 !Is this your dictionary?

A. Hello B. Pardon C. Excuse me D. Yes ( )2、Is there water in the kettle? A. any B. some C. a D. an ( )3、My name Mary. I Chinese. A. is, am B. are, is C. isn’t, am D. aren’t, is ( )4、 Jimmy today? He’s better. Thank you.

A. What’s B. How’s C. Where’s D. Why’s ( )5、Here your pen and pencil. A. is B. isn’t C. isn’t D. aren’t ( )6、Where he come from?

A. is B. do C. are D. does ( )7、Boys and girls the school bus .

A. are waiting B. are waitting C. are waiting for D. are waitting for ( )8、These trousers are for .

A. my sister B. me sisters C. my sister’s D. my sisters’ ( )9、Your book is on the floor. ___________

A. Pick it up! B. Put up it! C. Pick it! D. Take up it! ( )10、Be careful! Don’t ____ the vase.

A. broken B. break C. breaking D. breaked


( )12、_____that it did not work.

A. I’m afraid B. I was afraid C. We’re afraid D. It’s afraid ( )13、It is often wet in the West and ______ warm in the South.

A. sometimes B. some time C. some times D. sometime ( )14、Whose _____ that dress? That is .

A. does, her B. does, hers C. is, her D. is, hers ( )15、______ is your favorite colour , red or pink?

A. Where B. What C. Which D. Whose 四、用am、is、are、a、an、the填空:(15’) 1、I'm ________ English.

2、What you doing? We reading.

3、Is there book on table? Yes, there is. Is book red? 4、Mr. Black my teacher. He not French. 5、Give me glass. Which glass? empty one. 6、Those children tired.

7、What’s the matter, Tim? I thirsty.

8、What his job? he an engineer? Yes, he . 五、写出下列单词的现在分词:(5’)

1、stand 2、shave 3、eat 4、sit 5、wash 六、写出下列单词的过去式:(5’)

1、go 2、study 3、tell 4、read 5、arrive 七、根据情景填空(每小题1分,共14’) Lars: ___1___, Helen. ___2__ are you today?

Helen: Hello, Lars. I'm very ___3___ , thank __ 4___. __5___you?__ _6__ are you? Lars: I'm ____7___, thanks. ____8___ is Steven? Helen: ___9____ fine.____10____.

Lars: Goodbye, Helen. Nice to ____11___ you.

Helen: ___12_____ to see you, _____13___, Lars.__ _14___.


1、some in the sky cloud there be

2、go London to week last wife my ( )1. What is the crow looking for? A. A jar B. Some water C. Some food ( )2. Why can't he drink the water right now? Because 3、please to umbrella give him this

4、have three ink I of bottle

5、where you come do from


1、When do you go to school? 2、Do you usually eat lunch at home? 3、Which season do you like best? 2

4、When is your mother’s birthday? 3

5、How do you usually go shopping?


A crow (乌鸦) wanted to drink some water but can't find any. He looks here and there. Then he cries out, "I can see a jar and there is some water in it." He tries but fails to get the water. "How can I?" He thinks it over. " I can put my beak (鸟嘴) quite close to it. but still cannot drink the water.

What can I do? I want to drink." He looks here and there, and then he knows what to do. He picks up a small stone with his beak Guess what? The water in the jar turns to be high enough to drink. The clever crow drinks the water finally.

( )3. Why does he pick up stones? Because

A. He wants to put them into the water. B. He's playing a game.

C. He is very hungry.

( )4. What's the English meaning for "drop"?

A. put ...into... B. put...to ... C. carry...to...

( )5. Which title (题目) do you think is the best one (最好)?

A. A Thirsty Crow B. A Clever Crow C. A Crow And a Jar of Water

2 A. the water is in the jar. B. he doesn't want to drink it. C. the water isn't high enough for him to drink. 八、小作文(6’):my best friend 注意:1、短文表达清楚,语法正确,语句通顺。 、短文必须包含所描述人物的长相、家庭情况以及爱好等。、字数不少于50字。

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