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1、慢了10分钟2、让我帮助你、下下个月 4、2号站台 5、在把手上 6、滑了一跤


10、呆在家里 、最好 12、返回

13、五小时以后 、往返车票 15、立刻


1、Athens(国名)2、us(主格) 3、he(宾格)

4、catch(过去式) 5、they(宾格) 6、fly(过去分词)

7、Geneva(国名) 8、hurt(过去式)9、Bombay(国名)


( )1、She’s not feeling well. You a doctor.

A. must have to call B. had better call C. had better to call D. must to call ( )2、Which of the two shirts is to you .

A. good B. better C. the better D. nice

( )3、Jane has a pencil like this one. I ________ that it’s hers.

A. am sure B. sure C. was sure D. be sure

( )4、— is your suitcase? Can you describe it? —It a small blue case.

A. Which B. What C. Why D. How

( )5、Andy slipped and fell, but he quickly and went on running.

A. get up B. got up C. gets up D. will get up

( )6、There an English class in the afternoon.

A. is going to have B. is going to be C. will have D. will have be

( )7、A: Tom and Mary went to London an hour ago .what about you?

B: We’ll go to London .

A. in two days time B. for two days time C. in two days’ time D. in two days’s time ( )8、It seems that you can’t get up. Let me you .

A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped

( )9、When will you go to Stockholm? — __ _ _ .

A. In two weeks time B. In two days’ time C. In one year time D. After a year ( )10、I he has hurt himself.

A. think not B. not think C. don’t think D. didn’t think


1、I think I’ve hurt my (我想我伤着背了)

2、There’s a it.


3、We want to the eight nineteen London.(我们要赶8:19的车去伦敦。)

4、I (几天前我把箱子忘在去伦敦的火车上了). .

5、We’ll all him.(我们大家都会想念他的。)

6、He will _____ New York next month.(下个月他将飞往纽约)。

7、The doctor (医生说他马上就来)

8、to Spain a week ago. (他是一个星期以前飞到西班牙的。)

9、There’s a .(车站旁边有个酒吧)

10、He’s only years old, and nearly every country the world. (他只有41岁,但他却去过世界上任何一个国家。)



( )1、What do you think of the picture? A. What a pity!

( )2、Tim said that they missed the interesting film. B. I’m afraid they don’t.

( )3、What’s the matter with Andy? C. I think it’s beautiful. I like it very much. ( )4、Excuse me, do they understand English? D. Me, too.

( )5、I would like to go and have a haircut. E. He slipped and fell downstairs


1、You can find the electric cooker in the room.(改为否定句)

2、’s desk.(对划线部分提问)

3、There is a box on the floor.(改为一般疑问句)

4、We must go back to the station.(用had better 替换must)





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