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一、根据要求变换: 10

1、I(宾格) ______ 2、dish(复数) ________ 3、sit(现在分词) __________

4、tall(反义词) _______ 5、young(反义词) _________6、white(反义词) __________

7、she(物主代词) _______ 8.desk(同义词) _______9、housewife(复数) __________

10、children(单数) ______ 11、left(反义词) ______ 12stupid(反义词) 13 high(反义词) 14stale(反义词) 15ask(反义词)

二、选择题 1*20=20

1 . pencil-box is this ?

AWhose Bwho’s C whose

2. I study English as_______as my brother.

A.hard B. harder C. hardest

3. What about this one ? --- Let me .

A see it B to see it C seeing it

4. This bike is Mary’s. is new .

A my B Mine C I

5. The book doesn’t belong .

A. for me B with me C to me

6. we had better home now.

A to go B going C go

7. He that he is drinking his tea.

A say B says C said

8. I often help my mother some housework

A do B did C doing

9. He has just arrived Shanghai.

A at B in C to

10. Read Jim’s card me , please.

A of B to C off.

11. He has stayed a Youth Hostel.

A in B at C on

12. Tom can speak English well, ?

A can’t he B can’t Tom C doesn’t he

13. Speak Penny. I can’t hear you.

A out B on C up

14. I think I passed English and maths.

A in B for C at

15 . She learns English ___ than her sister.

A. good B. better C. best

16. The teacher me is an English teacher.

A next in B next to C next for

17. Listen! Who in the classroom now?

A singing B is singing C sang

18. Here is a letter you, Tom .

A for B at C out

19. I want you it at once.

A to do B doing C did

20. Why is he speaking her ?

A to B out C for


1. We like (she ) very much.

2. This bird is (he).

3.Tom has (get) an earache.

4.Let (I) help you .

5. He not (say) very much , does he?

6.You had better (stop ) driving so fast.

7. They ( arrived) in Shanghai in three days .

8. We didn’t do (good) in the French test.

9. you (hurt ) yourself.

10.The doctor says that he (come) soon.

四、用 When或Where填空 1*5=5

1. will you go to Berlin?

2. did you go last month?

3. does she always go at weekend?

4. will you fly to London?

5. are you going to move next week?

四、 用 mine, yours, his或 hers填空 1*5=5

1. Is this your coat? No, it’s not .

2. Are those shoes Tim’s? Yes, they are 。

3. This blouse belongs to Susan. It is .

4. Is this book ? Yes, it is mine.

5. Those books belong to me. They are .

五、情景问答 5


1.How are you ? A It is eight o’clock.

2.What is the time , please? B Good idea.

3.What is the weather like today ? C Fine, thanks.

4. Has Mr. Zhang ever been to a D It is rainy.

foreign country? E Yes, he has.

5.Shall we go to the park?

1 2 3 4 5

六、句型转换 10

1.Tom is a student, ?(反意疑问句)

2.The cake were stale. They could not eat them.(合并为一句) The cake were stale for them eat.

3. He does his homework every day , ?(反意疑问句)

4. I will call a doctor.(否定句)

5. I have drunk my milk. (一般疑问句) ?

6.He says to Lucy : ‘ You will be late.’ (直接引语变间接引语) He Lucy that will be late.

7. She asked: ‘ Are you a taxi driver? (直接引语变间接引语) She asked I a taxi driver.

8I hate reading in bed.(同义句)

I reading in bed.

9. The questions were easy enough. We could answer them. (合并为一句) The questions were easy for us answer.

10. The doctor had better see you. ( 同义句)

is better you see a doctor.

七、阅读理解 1*20=20


I had a big red suitcase . There is label on the handle with my name and address on it .But I left it on the train to China the other day . This morning I came to the Lost Property(失物招领). I described it to the attendant . He gave me a suitcase . It is small. It is not mine .He gave me a big red suitcase .I believed it is mine . I gave him some money . But the case didn’t belong to me !

判断对(T) 错( F)

1. My suitcase is big and blue.

2. My suitcase’s got a label on the handle .

3. I left it on the train to England.

4. The small suitcase is mine .

5. I got my suitcase back.


Gary: How was the exam , Alice?

Alice: Not too bad . I think I passed in English and maths. The questions wee very easy .How about you, Gary?

Gary: The English and Maths papers weren’t easy enough for me . I hope I haven’t failed.

Alice :I think I failed the French paper .

Gary : French test are awful, aren’t they?

Alice : I hate them .

Gary: Perhaps we didn’t do too badly . The guy next to me wrote his name at the top of the paper . He sat there and looked at it for three hours ! He didn’t write a word.

判断 对(T) 错(F)

1. Alice passed in French.

2. Alice failed the English paper .

3. Alice hate English tests.

4. Gary didn’t write a word in French test.

5. The guy next to Gary wrote his name at the top of the paper.


It is the first day of school . Bob wants to go back to school. He gets up early in the morning .He wakes and eats his breakfast. Then he rides his bike to school. He sees his friends at school .He plays with them happily. Then the bell rings .Everyone runs to the classroom . Bob meets his new teacher . Her name is Mary. Bob likes Mar y. He thinks she is a nice teacher.

1. It is the first day of .

A week B school C year

2. Bob wants to .

A go back to school B play C eat

3. Bob goes to school .

A by bus B by bike C on foot

4. The bell rings. Everyone runs .

A to home B to the classroom C to the shop

5 . Bob’s new teacher is .

A an old man B a man C a woman


Man : Is my car ready yet ? Woman: What’s the number of your car?

M: It is ABC 320 D. W : When did you bring it to us?

M: I brought it here three days ago. W:OK, I remember now.

M: Have your mechanics finished yet?

W :No, Let’s go into the garage and have a look at it .


1. The number of the man’s car is 320.

2. The man brought his car two days ago.

3. It is the woman’s car.

4. They will go into the classroom.

5. They will have a look at the man’s car.

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