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name_______ mark_______

一 . 用动词的适当形式填空

1.They (clean) their shoes yesterday. 2.He (open) the window just now.

3.She (turn) on the TV this morning.

4.It (snow) last night.

5.She (boil) some eggs this morning.

6.The students (work)very hard for the dance .

7.Peter (need )to decorate the ( )17. I don’t like summer, _________it is too hot. A. so B. and C. because D.that ( )18. --- Where are you going,Tom? ---I am going to___________.

A. the school B. school C. a school D.schools ( )19. I put two ______ on the table.

A.knife B. knives C. knive D. knifes ( )20. There are _______ flowers in the vase. A. any B. a C. some D.an

( )21. Mr. Smith works ______ an office. A. on B. with C. in D.to


8.Peter (enjoy) the dance very much . 9.Peter ( clean) the living room yesterday . 10.Mary (hir) a hand to play music >

11.We (play ) in the playground last Sunday >

12.She (watch )TV with his parents last night .

13.Su Yang (watch )TV with his sister yesterday .

14.Ming ming ( water) some clothes the day before yesterday .

15.I enjoy ) the summer very much last Sunday .

二,选择题:从每题的A,B,C,D四个选项中, 选出最佳答案填在括号中。(每题1分=35) ( )1.What’s Ron Maston ______? A. for B. with C. like D. as ( )2. I arrived ________ at 6 o’clock..

A. home B. in home C. at home D. to home ( )3. He called me _______________

A. yesterday to morning B.yesterday on morning C. yesterday at morning D. yesterday morning ( )4. Last week Mrs.Mills went ___________.

A. London B. in London C. for London D. to London ( )5. She doesn’t know London well and she____ her way. A. lose B. loses C. losed D. lost

( )6. He put his hand into his pocket and took ______ a piece of paper.

A. from B. to C. out D. on

( )7. “He may help me.” she said _______ herself. A. in B. for C. by D. to ( )8. I met her _______ the street. A. in B. under C. from D. to ( )9. We had it ___________.

A. a month later B. ago a month C. a month early D. a month ago ( )10. ________that it did not work. A. I’m afraid. B. I’m happy. C. We’re glad D. It’s afraid

( )11. _____ this your hand bag? A. is B. are C. Is D. Are ( )12. I can’t _________ that box. A. lifted B. lift C. lifting D. lifts

( )13. There ______ a pen and four books on the desk. A. am B. are C.is D. be

( )14. I am going to school ______ foot. A. by B. on C. by the D. on the ( )15. I want _____ pound of suger.

A. half B. half a C. a half D.a halvs ( )16. That hat looks nice. ___________.

A.Put it on B. Put on it C.put it on D.put on it

( )22. People build bridges to go _______ the big river. A. through B. cross C. to D.across ( )23. He swims _____ the river every week. A.under B. over C. on D.in

( )24. Can you come _______ 9 a.m. _____ Thursday? A. at , on B. in , on C. at , in D.at , at ( )25. He was born on ______. A. Nov. 5,1990 B. 1990, Nov. 5 C. 5, Nov 1990 D. Nov. 5 1990 year ( )26. ---What _________?

---I’m making a shopping list.

A.do you do B.are you doing C. was you doing D.were you doing ( )27. I have got _____ sugar.

A. a lots of B. lot of C. much D.many ( )28. I must go to ____ to buy some meat. A. the butcher B. the butcher’s C. butcher’s D. butcher ( )29. ---I haven’t got much.

---well, I haven’t much ______. A.too B. also C. either D.that

( )30. Ron Marston _______Pauline last night. A. telephone B. telephones C.telephoned D.is telephoning

( )31. Ron Marston _______Pauline every night. A. telephone B. telephones C.telephoned D.is telephoning

( )32. Ron Marston _______Pauline now. A. telephone B. telephones C.telephoned D.is telephoning

( )33. Ron Marston must _______Pauline. A. telephone B. telephones C.telephoned D.is telephoning ( )34. When did you _____home?

A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D is arriving ( )35. I _________home last week.

A. arrive B. arrives C. arrived D is arriving

三.填空题,将下面的单词填在横线上(每题1分=30) at in of to on 1. He telephoned me _____ 7 o’clock.

2. Can you tell me the way _____ King Street, please? 3. I can ask him , she said _____ herself. 4. He drank a glass _____ water. 5. I arrived _____ London yesterday

6. This colour was _____ fashion last year and people liked it. 7. Can you come ______ Saturday ? 8. They were _____ the greengrocer’s

urgent(紧急的) fruits (水果) shopping (购物) again (又 ,再)

suddenly(突然地) uncomfortable(不舒适的) ago (以前) hurriedly(匆忙地)

turn pair (双) till (直到。。。为止) lot(许多)

9. She doesn’t want to speak to you and please don’t telephone ________.

10. ________ , she saw a man near a bus stop. 11. He shaved __________ and cut himself badly. 12. The shoes are __________ and they hurt my feet. 13. This ________ of shoes were in fashion.

14. We had some shoes a month ______ but now we do not have any.

15. When did you _________ on television?

16. The situation(情况) is very _______ and we can’t wait. 17. I’m afraid the doctor will not come _______ this afternoon. 18. Make a ________ list before you go to the supermarket. 19. We need a ________ of money if we buy this car. 20. I like apples , oranges and many other _________.

worked took went enjoyed greeted got teleponed drank met asked 21. I had a terrible toothache and_________ to see the dentist. 22. He _________the office yesterday and my boss answered him.

23. I gave him a glass of water and he _________ it thirstily. 24. I ________ in English but he didn’t understand.

25. I have _________ many vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes.

26. The man put his hand into his pocket and ________out a phrasebook.

27. We ______ourselves very much in the party last night. 28. I ______her in the street the day before yesterday. 29. They ______ very hard this morning 30. She _______ me warmly last Sunday. 四. 英汉互译(每题1分=10) 1. She is making the bed.

___________________________________________________ 2. When did you meet her yesterday afternoon?

___________________________________________________ 3. I am going to paint the wall white in the room .

___________________________________________________ 4. We haven’t got any flowers or fruits.

___________________________________________________ 5. He must go to the butcher’s to get some meat.

___________________________________________________ 6. When did you turn on the stereo ?

___________________________________________________ 7. 他们没有茶和咖啡了。

___________________________________________________ 8. 你必须去面包店买些面包。

___________________________________________________ 9. 你昨天晚上什么时候到的家 ?

___________________________________________________ 10. 你什么时候打开的电视?



1. what your did to say boss him.

_________________________________________________? 2. She bought of this pair shoes ago a day _________________________________________________ 3.when you did sharpen your pencils

_________________________________________________? 4. you can tell me the way to the park

_________________________________________________? 5. quickly he took a cake ate it and

_________________________________________________ 6. swam he very this well afternoon

_________________________________________________ 7. we have got any vegetables not at all

_________________________________________________ 8. meet you he not can till this afternoon

__________________________________________________ 9. people were bus for the waiting

__________________________________________________ 10. photos was Tom looking at his yesterday __________________________________________________

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