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新概念英语3级(第一册57—68课) B卷

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新概念英语3级(第一册57—68课) B卷


获胜者 使人激动的 站立 在…之后 结束 恰好 尺寸 商店 消息 舌头 记得 信封 图书馆 严重的 仍然 谈话 零钱 头痛 片刻 乳品店 我们自己 幸运的

二、短语填空 (15分)

玩火柴____________ 吃药______________ 前天早晨 ____________ 发出噪音____________ 身体探出窗户___________ 数以百计的___________ 在文具店_____________ 在理发店______________ 做礼拜_______________ 待在床上_____________ 在人群中_______________ 参加比赛_____________ 接电话_____________ 在回家的途中___________ 前门的钥匙___________


answer put read hear clean learn build

work swim spend see cut take let want


1. He’s going to telephone_______five o’clock .

2.My birthday is_______May 22nd .

3.You must stay_______home .Don’t go out .

4.Do you go to school_______ bike or_______ foot ?

5.What’s the matter_______her ?

6.It sometimes rains _______ April.

7.They were there_______ 1999.

8.We were there _______ winter.

9._______ December 26th, they were_______ Finland.

10.We were_______ the office_______ Monday.


1.He________(go)to the market yesterday morning.

2. They wanted to finish the work ________(them).

3. Tom ______ (be) ill last week, he ______ (be) much better now.

4.He______(have)a bad cold last week,but he is better today.

5.Jimmy and his sister _______ (be) here several days ago.

6. He usually ______(get) up at 6 o’clock in the moring, but he ______(have) to get up very early yesterday morning, because he wanted to catch a train.

7. He worked ______ (lazy).

8. We ______ (play ) in the playground last Sunday.

9. Please be careful .Don’t hurt ______(you)with that knife .

10. She can see ______(she) in the mirror .


1.He watched TV last night. (陈述句变一般疑问句)3. There is a cup on the table . (变一般疑问句)2.His mother typed these letters three days ago. (肯定句变否定句)

4. He is our teacher. (肯定句变否定句)5. My skirt is red . (就划线部分提 1st



1. But you mustn't come home after a quarter past eleven.

2 He must remain in bed for another two days.

3. We're going to spend three days in the country.

4. There is a car race near our town every year.

5. He telephoned the office yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon.




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