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新概念英语4级(第一册69—80课) A卷

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新概念英语4级(第一册69—80课) A卷



1. We always enjoy at different parties. (we)

2. The go to school by or by car every day. (child)

3. It`s always warm inapril and may,but it sometimes. (rain)

4. They are hard to higher marks in the final exams. (work)

5. She likes but he doen‘t want any. (tomato)

6. me that piece of steak, please . (give)

7. last Sunday .and bought some meat. (butcher)

8. here a minute please,bob?(come)

9. behind the vase? (newspaper)

10. Tim`s father bought him several of shoes last year. (pair)


1.Father his cap and went out.

A. put on B. puts on C. had put D. will put on 2. He can`t go to the cinema with me because he a meeting.

A. was have B. would have C. is having D. had

3. Long long ago,there a farmer in a small village.

A. are B. were C. is D. lived 4. His sister cakes. That`s why her hands are all covered with flour.(面粉)

A. makes B. made C. will make D. is making

5 Where is Jenny? She in the next room.

A. do some reading B. does some reading

C. is doing some reading D. will do some reading

6. It seems(似乎) it .

A. Will rain B. shall rain C. rains D. is going to rain

7. At that time, things hand for the working people.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

8. Tom looked sad and cried, “I terrible(害怕)!”

A. am feeling B. feels C. will feel D. have felt

9. The sunus light and heat.

A. give B. gives C. will feel D. often give

10. Mike usually up at six in the morning.

A. get B. gets C. got D. will get






四. 句型转换。(20分)


Mike often his homework?


looking for me?

3. My father is going to paint the wall green. (改为否定句)

My father going to the wall green.

4. You can use Alice`s dictionary.(改为一般疑问句)

you Alice`s dictionary.

5. My brother has not a car. (改为反意疑问句)

My brother has not a car, he?

6. in the North in winter. (就划线部分提问)

Is it in the North in winter?

7. Are the students going to work in the garden tomorrow ?(改为肯定句)

The students going to in the garden tomorrow。

8. Do you want the big boxes? Do you want the small boxes?(改为选择疑问句)

Do you the big boxes the small boxes?

9. 就划线部分提问)

are they going to at the hotel?

10. He is 就划线部分提问)

is he now?

五.用适当的冠词(a , an , the ,不填用 / )填空。(20分)

1. There are four seasons in year. Spring is season moves around earth.

2. We have friends all over earth moves around 4. In summer ,It is often very hot with sun shining in blue sky.

5. In January it is very cold. Sometimes it snows in December.

6. My daughter is doctor and my son is engineer.

7. weather in England is interesting. It is often wet in East and warm in south.

8. — reading room?

—It is near teachers`room on second floor.

9. What.s climate like in your country in spring?

10. days are long and



1. have, flowers, We, in, garden, many, the

2. two, family, is, boy, a, There, girls, and, in, the

3. have, books, English, any, Do, you

4. make, to, a, book, going, case,is, for, he, his, son

5. jump, can.t, the,the, girl,wall, off

七.阅读。 (20分)

1. 阅读,判断。

Kate is a student.She is twelve.She is from America.She can speak English very well and she can

speak a little Chinese .She is in Nanjing.Her parents are doctors.Kate is studying in a school near

her home.She has classes from Monday to Friday.On Saturdays and Sundays,she often play games

with her Chinese friends.She loves China and her Chinese friends.

( )1.Kate’shometown is in England.

( )2.He rfather is not a doctor

( )3.Her school is not far from her home.

( )4.There aren’t any lessons from Monday to Friday.

( )5.She is in China and she loves China

2. 阅读,选择。

My name is Tom Green.I am twelve.That is my mother.She is a teacher.The man is my father.His

name is Jeff Green.That girl is my sister.Her name is Mary.She is fourteen.Mary and I are in the

same school.I’m in Class Two,Grade one.She is Class One,Grade Three.I have acat .Itsname is

Jack.Look,that’s my bird.What’s itsname?Its name is Polly.

( )6.Who is the English boy?

A.He is Jeff Green B.His name is Tome Green

C.He is twelve. D. He is a teacher

( )7.How old is Tom’s sister?

A. She is twelve B. .She is thirteen

. C. She is fourteen .D。She is fifteen

( )8.What class is Tom in?

A.He is in Class One B. He is in Class Two

C. He is in Class Three D. He is in Class Four

( )9.What’s his bird’s name?

A.Jef f Green B.Tom Green C.Jack Green D.Polly

( )10.There are_________people in his family

A.four B.five C. six D.seven


1. 她自言自语。

2. 像这样的鞋子你们有吗?

3. 我牙痛的要命。

4. 请抽烟。

5. 我们在12:30 吃的午饭。

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