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Corduroy Lost and Found

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Corduroy lost and found小熊的失物招领

one sunny saturday afternoon,lisa and her mother were riding the bus home from a shopping trip.corduroy sat comfortably on lisa's lap as the bus bumped along.she held on to him so he wouldn't fall.lisa took very good care of corduroy. He looked out the window while Lisa and her mother talked about Lisa's birthday.



Corduroy's ears perked right up."Lisa is having a birthday and I don't have a present for her!"he said to himself.He looked out the window at all the stores."I wonder what she would like,"he thought.


They all got off the bus at the next stop.Lisa's mother rode the elevator up to their apartment,but Corduroy and Lisa liked to run up the stairs two at a time to see if they could get there first.


That night Corduroy lay awake long after Lisa fell asleep.He was worried about her present.'I need to find something special,'he decided.


Very early the next morning,Corduroy slipped out of bed,tiptoed out of Lisa's room,and crept through the apartment. He opened the front door and stepped into the hallway.



Just then,the elevator doors opened."Maybe I'll find something for Lisa

in here,"said Corduroy as he looked in.


Corduroy looked at the buttons on the wall.Each button had a number on it."This is like a game!"Corduroy said."Lisa might like a game for her birthday."Corduroy climbed up on the stool and pressed a button. 小熊看了看墙上的按钮。每个按钮有一个号码。“这就像一个游戏!”小熊说。”丽莎可能喜欢一个游戏作为她的生日礼物。“小熊爬上凳子,按下了按钮。

All at once,the doors closed and the elevator began to move up."This is like a rocket ship."thought Corduroy."Maybe Lisa would like to ride in a rocket ship for her birthday!"Corduroy pressed more buttons. Down and up,up and down he went.



Finally the elevator came to a stop.When the doors opened,Corduroy stepped out into the lobby.


Peeking out over the roof of the building across the street,Corduroy saw just what he was looking for.


“It's the biggest,prettiest balloon I ever saw.”thought Corduroy. "That is what I want to give Lisa for her birthday!"



Corduroy had never before been outside when it was still dark. The familiar neighborhood looked very different.And where was Lisa's balloon?Then he saw it at the end of the street."It's getting away!"cried Corduroy.He ran as fast as he could to catch it. 灯芯绒小熊此前从未在外面呆过,天仍然是黑暗的。


Before he had gone very far,he saw a big brown dog."Maybe Lisa would like a pet for her birthday,"thought Corduroy. "Hello,"he said to the dog. "Arrrf,"barked the dog,and it picked him up by the overalls and carried him down the street.




Just when they got to the corner,a big,noisy truck slowed down,and someone threw a tall stack of newspapers onto the sidewalk,The dog was so surprised that he dropped Corduroy on top of the papers. 他们到了一个拐角的地方,一辆大卡车嘈杂着慢了下来,有人扔了一大堆报纸到人行道上,狗吓了一大跳,他丢下了灯芯绒小熊走了。

That is where Mr.Gonzales,the owner of the newsstand,found Corduroy sitting all by himself. "Where in the world did you come from,mi amigo?"



He put Corduroy up on a shelf."I think someone must have dropped you." You look like a very special bear and I bet they will be back for you.Until then,you can help me sell my papers.



From up on the shelf.Corduroy could see everything that was going on.As people bought papers,Corduroy smiled shyly at them."This must be a job!"said Corduroy."I've always wanted a job!"


A woman stopped in front of the newsstand."How much for the bear?"she asked."Sorry,senora,this bear is not for sale.He is lost and is

waiting to be found,"said Mr.Gonzales.


LOST!Corduroy had never wanted to be lost!He thought about Lisa.He knew that she would be worried about him.Then Corduroy remembered the balloon.He had forgotten all about it.Where was it? 丢失!灯芯绒小熊从未想过他丢失了!他想到了莉莎。他知道她会担心他。然后灯芯绒想起了气球。他已经忘记了所有关于它。它在哪里?

Corduroy looked up and down the street.It wasn't as dark anymore. But he didn't see the beautiful balloon anywhere.



Now he was sad and sleepy.He wanted to be home with Lisa.Corduroy fell asleep thinking about balloons and home.


He was just waking up when he heard a familiar voice.


A very worried Lisa was asking Mr.Gonzales if she could put up a sign she made for her lost bear. "This is a very good picture.senorita."said Mr.Gonzales.

丽莎非常担心的问冈萨雷斯先生,她能不能在他的报摊贴一个寻找小熊的启事。 “这是一个非常好的图片小姐。”冈萨雷斯先生说。

"But you won't need this sign;your bear is here with me."Mr.Gonzales took Corduroy down from the shelf and gave him a lollipop.It looked just like the balloon he had wanted to Lisa!


"Muchas gracias,senor,"said Lisa. "Thank you for helping me,Corduroy,"said Mr.Gonzales."Adios." “谢谢你,先生,”丽莎说。


Corduroy and Lisa were so happy they ran all the way home and up the stairs,two at a time. "Corduroy,I was so worried about you!"said Lisa."The only thing I wanted for my birthday was to have my best friend back home with me!"



Lisa gave Corduroy a big hug. "That's exactly what I wanted,too!"thought Corduroy,and he gave Lisa a birthday hug right back.




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