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Pass the Word Game

Game Rules
1.把全班分成若干组。 Divide the class into several groups. 2.老师分别发给每一组最后一个同学一张单词卡。 The teacher gives card to the last student of each group. 3. 在老师说开始后,最后一排的同学即用耳语把这位学生再 把告诉前面的同学,这样依次进行下去。 The teacher says "start", the last student tell his former students the word on the card with whisper ,and the like. 4.最后,第一排的同学把听到的单词写到黑板上,传的最快, 最准的组获胜。 Finaly, the first row of students write the words which he heard on the blackboard, the group who is the fastest and the most precise will win the game.

The Purpose of the Game
1.增加词汇量。 To enrich vocabulary. 2.有利于提高听力。 To improve listening. 3.培养团队精神。 To develop team spirit. 4.练习发音。 To exercise pronunciation.


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