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Unit 1 I've got many new friends..

Unit 2 Is this book yours?

Unit 3 Our school is beautiful.

Unit 4 Miss, can I ask you a question?

Unit 5 How about coming with us?

Unit 6 He likes reading picture books.

Unit 7 You mustn't drop litter in the park!

Unit 8 Who is the winner?


Unit 9 Sally is taller than Ben.

Unit 10 Did you know?

Unit 11 I went to the zoo yesterday.

Unit 12 Has your school got a swimming pool?

Unit 13 My seven days

Unit 14 How often does he have sports?

Unit 15 I enjoy reading picture stories!

Unit 16 Winter fun


Unit 1 Going to different places

Unit 2 What's the weather like today?

Unit 3 Let's play doctors.

Unit 4 I can see with my eyes.

Unit 5 Simon Paul lives in the country.

Unit 6 I'd like a glass of water.

Unit 7 I've got to go and see!

Unit 8 Who is the first?


Unit 9 I like sunny days but I don't like rainy days.

Unit 10 Let's guess.

Unit 11 What's your hobby?

Unit 12 Animals are our good friends.

Unit 13 I can spot the frog, can you?

Unit 14 There isn't any bread in the kitchen!

Unit 15 Let's find it quickly!

Unit 16 He can do better than his brother!

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