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Form A ? Extra Grammar

Answer Key

Unit 1 Back to School

Lesson 1 – Classmates


Dan I’m; your Ana My Dan meet

Ana Nice; too


Maya My name is Maya. Jun I’m Jun.

Maya Nice to meet you, Jun.

Jun Nice to meet you, too.


You Hello. My; is (Answers will vary.) Luis Hi; name is Luis You Nice to; you

Luis Nice to meet you; too

Lesson 2 – Hello.


Note: The order of answers 2–5 may vary. 1. Great. 2. Fine. 3. Good. 4. OK.

5. Not bad.

6. Not too good.B


You Good evening

Ms. Gomez evening; (Answers will vary); How are You (Answers will vary.) How; you Ms. Gomez Not too good

2. Mr. Clark afternoon; (Answers will vary); How

are you

You (Answers will vary); How about

Mr. Clark Fine / Good / OK / Not bad

Lesson 3 – After school

A 5; 6; 3; 1; 2; 4


You Answers will vary.

Pete (Answers will vary); name is; to meet You you; too

Annie (Answers will vary); are you You this is Pete; this is Annie Annie Nice to meet you

Pete Nice to meet you; too


Lesson 4 – Names


Maddie morning Mrs. Binks you Maddie thanks Mrs. Binks thank you Maddie is

Mrs. Binks to meet

Arturo to; too Mrs. Binks do you

Arturo A-R-T-U-R-O Mrs. Binks your

Arturo NoB

A What’s your

B Answers will vary.

A How do you; your; name

B Answers will vary.

Unit 2 Favorite People

Lesson 5 – Teachers and friends


1. A Who’s B This is A his name B His name 2. A is

B What’s; name A Her; is 3. A This; my B What’s her A name is Her; is

B do you; her


Your friend this

You This is my English teacher.

Your friend his / her name

You His / Her name is Mr. / Ms. (Answers will


Lesson 6 – Favorite stars

A Answers will vary.B

Answers will vary.

Connect 1 Answer Key1

Lesson 7 – Birthdays

6. 20; She’s twenty. A

1. 11; She’s eleven. 2. 7; She’s seven. 7. 2; She’s two. 3. 18; He’s eighteen. 8. 8; He’s eight. 4. 6; She’s six. 9. 9; She’s nine.

5. 12; He’s twelve. 10. 16; He’s sixteen.


1. She’s not two. She’s eleven. 2. He’s not eighteen. He’s twelve. 3. He’s not nineteen. He’s eight. 4. She’s not one. She’s six.

5. She’s not seventeen. She’s two.C

1. T 4. T 2. F 5. F

3. T

Lesson 8 – E-pals


1. Who’s this

What’s his name How old is he Where’s he from

2. Who’s this

She’s from Canada; right What’s her name How old is she 3. Who’s this

What’s her name Where’s she from She’s 14; right 4. Who’s this

He’s from Japan; right His name is Jeff; right

How old is heB

1. Where’s he from? 2. She’s from the U.S. 3. Answers will vary.

4. Answers will vary.

Unit 3 Everyday Things

Lesson 9 – What a mess!


Dad this is Tracy that’s Dad this is

Tracy that’s; that’s Dad that’s

Tracy That’s; this is


1. That’s Koji’s hat.

2. This is Ms. Miller’s pen.

3. That’s Ms. Moreno’s backpack.


Form A ? Extra Grammar

4. That’s Sun-hee’s pencil case. 5. This is Mr. Parker’s notebook.

Lesson 10 – Cool things

a A

1. Kate 2. Nick An Kate a 3. Nick a Kate an


1.??Q: What’s this? ??A: It’s a cell phone. 2.??Q: What’s that? ??A: It’s a TV. 3.??Q: What’s that?

??A: It’s an alarm clock. 4.??Q: What’s this?

??A: It’s a video game. 5.??Q: What’s this? ??A: It’s an eraser. 6.??Q: What’s that?

??A: It’s an umbrella.

Lesson 11 – Favorite things


Brad these Tim these are

Brad They’re


1.??Q: What are these???A: They’re posters. 2.??A: Those are posters. 3.??A: It’s a poster. 4.??A: What’s that?


1.??Q: What are these???A: These are T-shirts. ??A: They’re T-shirts. 2.??Q: What are those? ??A: Those are bicycles. ??A: They’re bicycles. 3.??Q: What are those?

??A: Those are comic books. ??A: They’re comic books. 4.??Q: What are these?

??A: These are comic books.

??A: They’re comic books.

Lesson 12 – Where is it?


1.??Q: Where’s??A: It’s on 2.??Q: Where are ??A: They’re on 3.??Q: Where’s

??A: It’s on

Connect 1 Answer Key2

Form A ? Extra Grammar

4.??Q: Where are??A: They’re under5.??Q: Where’s??A: It’s next to6.??Q: Where are??A: They’re on7.??Q: Where’sB

1. No, it’s not. 2. Yes, it is. 3. No, it’s not.4. Yes, it is.

Lesson 15 – At the mall

1. He’s at the candy store.

2. No, they’re not. (They’re in front of the skating

??A: It’s in


1. It’s not next to the bed. It’s next to the dresser. 2. It’s not on the desk. It’s under the desk. 3. It’s not on the desk. It’s under the chair.

4. They’re not in the wastebasket. They’re on the chair. 5. It’s not on his backpack. It’s in his backpack. 6. They’re not on the desk. They’re on the bed. 7. It’s not on the desk. It’s on the dresser.

8. They’re not on the chair. They’re on the bed.

Unit 4 Around Town

Lesson 13 – At the movies



Pete are you; Are; at Kevin not; I’m at Pete Are you Kevin No; I’m; at 2. Pete Are you; at Sandra I am; I’m 3.

Pete are Linda I’m at Pete you

Linda No; I’m; at


1. Dan are; at Anna Yes, I am Dan Are you Anna No, I’m not

2. Dan are you; Are you Jun No, I’m not; I’m at the movie theater; are you

Dan I’m

Lesson 14 – Downtown


movie theater








parking lot




3. No, she’s not. (She’s with Yoshi.) 4. He’s at the bank. 5. Yes, they are.

6. They’re at the bowling alley. 7. Yes, he is.

8. They’re at the Internet café.

9. No, they’re not. (They’re at the bookstore.) 10. No, she’s not. (She’s at the shoe store.) 11. No, he’s not. (He’s with Jun.)

12. Yes, she is.

Lesson 16 – Any suggestions?


Suggestions for others: Go to the beach. Have a soda. Go to a café. Go swimming. Go to a movie. Have a sandwich.

Suggestions for you + others: Let’s play basketball. Let’s go bowling. Let’s sit down.

Let’s have a sandwich. Let’s go skating.

Let’s play volleyball.


Note: Answers will vary. Here are some possible answers:

1. Let’s have a sandwich. Let’s go to a restaurant. 2. Have a soda. Go to a café.

3. Let’s play basketball. Let’s go to a movie. 4. Have a soda.

Go swimming.

Connect 1 Answer Key3

Form A ? Extra Grammar

Unit 5 Family and Home

Lesson 17 – My family




1. have two 6. has one 2. has two 7. have three 3. has one 8. has two 4. has one 9. have no

5. have three 10. have one

Lesson 18 – Family reunion

Note: The order of the answers in B’s lines may vary. 1. A What’s she like?

B She’s pretty. She’s a little shy, too. 2. A What’s he like?

B He’s friendly. He’s funny, too. 3. A What’s she like?

B She’s pretty. She’s smart, too. 4. A What’s he like?

B He’s short and thin. He’s friendly, too. 5. A What’s she like?

B She’s tall and thin. She’s a little crazy, too. 6. A What’s he like?

B He’s smart. He’s handsome, too.

Lesson 19 – My new city


Dear Tyler,

Thanks for your letter! We miss our old house, but our new house is really nice, too.

My new best friends are Mina and Ellie. They’re sisters. They’re really funny. Their family is originally from Brazil. Their mom is a little quiet, but she’s really smart. Mina and Ellie have three brothers. They’re six, eight, and nine. They’re a little crazy, so their house is really noisy.

I go to school with Mina and Ellie. We’re on the same volleyball team. Our coach is really nice. His name is Mr. Lake. Our team isn’t great. Our school has ten teams. We’re number six. Write soon!




1. They’re from Japan.

2. Our neighbors are nice. / They’re nice. 3. They’re a little crazy.

4. We’re on the basketball team.

5. Their names are Ben and Heather.

Lesson 20 – At home


Note: The order of the answers will vary. 1. It has a garage. 2. It has a (big) yard. 3. It has a (big) kitchen. 4. It has a living room. 5. It has a dining room. 6. It has three bedrooms.

7. It has two bathrooms.B

Answers will vary.

Unit 6 At School

Lesson 21 – The media center

1. There’s a bed.

2. There are 20 books. 3. There are no pens. 4. There’s no screen.

5. There are two bookcases. 6. There’s a TV.

7. There’s no scanner. 8. There are two chairs. 9. There’s a CD player. 10. There are three posters. 11. There are no comic books. 12. There are no cabinets. 13. There’s a printer.

14. There’s no wastebasket. 15. There are no boards.

16. There’s a backpack.

Lesson 22 – Around school


1. Theo There are Pam Are there any

Theo there are; There’s; there’s Pam Is there a

Theo there isn’t; there’s

2. Pam Is there a

Theo there is; There are; there are Pam are there any Theo there aren’t


1.??Q: Are there any athletic fields???A: there are

2.??Q: Is there a language lab?


there isn’t

Connect 1 Answer Key4

Form A ? Extra Grammar

3.??Q: Is there a swimming pool? ??A: there is

4.??Q: Are there any baseball fields? ??A: there aren’t 5.??Q: Is there a gym? ??A: there is

6.??Q: Are there any basketball teams? ??A: there are

7.??Q: Is there a tennis court? ??A: there isn’t

8.??Q: Are there any cafés near the school?

??A: there aren’t

Lesson 23 – School subjects

1. 4:30 5. 11:00 A

2. 8:05 6. 5:01 3. 10:00 7. 1:30

4. 6:03

8. 7:02


Adam at; on

Gloria at

Adam at; on; at Gloria On; at Adam at; on Gloria At; at; on

Adam on; at; at


Answers will vary.

Lesson 24 – Spring Day

ANote: The order of the answers in each item may vary. 1. It’s ten ten. It’s ten (minutes) after ten. 2. It’s one forty-five. It’s a quarter to two. 3. It’s eleven thirty. It’s half past eleven. 4. It’s six twenty. It’s twenty (minutes) after six. 5. It’s three fifteen. It’s a quarter after three. 6. It’s two fifty. It’s ten (minutes) to three. B

Note: The order of the questions and answers will vary.1.??Q: What time is the bike race? ??A: It’s at 10:15.

2.??Q: What time is lunch? ??A: It’s at noon / 12:00.

3.??Q: What time is the children’s concert? ??A: It’s at 1:30.

4.??Q: What time is the beach volleyball game?

??A: It’s at 2:15.


5.??Q: What time is swimming? ??A: It’s at 4:45.

6.??Q: What time is the picnic?

??A: It’s at 6:00.

Unit 7 Around the World

Lesson 25 – People and countries

1.??Q: Is she

??A: No; she isn’t; She’s; Singapore 2.??Q: Are they

??A: No; they aren’t; She’s; Canada; he’s; England 3.??Q: Is she

??A: Yes; she is 4.??Q: Are they ??A: Yes; they are 5.??Q: Is he

??A: No; he isn’t; He’s; New Zealand 6.??Q: Is he

??A: No; he isn’t; He’s; England 7.??Q: Is he

??A: Yes; he is 8.??Q: Is she

??A: No; she isn’t; She’s; Belize 9.??Q: Are they

??A: No; they aren’t; They’re; the U.S. 10.??Q: Are they

??A: Yes; they are

Lesson 26 – Nationalities

1. Her name isn’t Michelle Alvarez. Her name is Maria Alvarez.

2. Maria and Felix aren’t Peruvian. Maria and Felix are Mexican. 3. Felix isn’t 14. Felix is 12.

4. They aren’t at the beach. They’re at the tennis court. 5. Soccer isn’t their favorite sport. Tennis is their favorite sport. 6. Laura DeSouza isn’t her name. Louisa DeSouza is her name. 7. Louisa isn’t British. Louisa is Brazilian.

8. Louisa’s favorite subjects aren’t music and art. Louisa’s favorite subjects are P.E. and science. 9. Angela isn’t Louisa’s sister. Angela is Louisa’s best friend.

10. Angela and Louisa aren’t in front of the bank.

Angela and Louisa are in front of the school.

Connect 1 Answer Key5

Form A ? Extra Grammar

Lesson 27 – Holidays

1. When is 7. When is It’s in June. It’s in July. 2. When is

8. When is

It’s in August. It’s in September. 3. When is

9. When is It’s in January. It’s in May. 4. When is

10. When is

It’s in October. It’s in November. 5. When is

11. When is It’s in February. It’s in April. 6. When is

12. When is

It’s in March.

It’s in December.

Lesson 28 – Important days


Dear Mom and Dad,

There are a lot of activities at Kent School in September. My first day of class is on September fourth. And there’s a party on September seventh. fifteenth.

This school is really fun. There are four movie nights in September. They’re always on Friday. twenty-fourth. And Parents’ Day is on September thirtieth. See you then! Love,


Answers will vary.

Unit 8 Teen Time

Lesson 29 – Favorite places


Pedro boring

Pedro What’s it like?

Kelly crowded; exciting; big (big; exciting)


Answers will vary.

Lesson 30 – Talent show

1. Krista can’t; Can they Alex Yes, they can 2. Marco can

Nicole Yes, we can Marco Can

Nicole No, he can’t; can 3.

Alex Can you Krista No, I can’t

Alex He can


4. Nicole can you Marco No, I can’t 5.

Alex Can

Nicole Yes, I can Krista No, I can’t Alex Can you Krista Yes, I can

Alex can

Lesson 31 – School fashion


1. tie 7. blouse 2. T-shirt 8. socks 3. shoes 9. jacket 4. pants 10. skirt 5. sweater 11. shirt

6. shorts

12. sneakers


1.??Q: What color is the tie???A: It’s blue and green.

2.??Q: What color is the T-shirt? ??A: It’s pink.

3.??Q: What color are the shoes? ??A: They’re black.

4.??Q: What color are the pants? ??A: They’re orange.

5.??Q: What color is the sweater? ??A: It’s yellow.

6.??Q: What color are the shorts? ??A: They’re pink and purple. 7.??Q: What color is the blouse? ??A: It’s red.

8.??Q: What color are the socks? ??A: They’re white.

9.??Q: What color is the jacket? ??A: It’s brown.

10.??Q: What color is the skirt? ??A: It’s yellow and green. 11.??Q: What color is the shirt? ??A: It’s blue.

12.??Q: What color are the sneakers?

??A: They’re red and white.

Lesson 32 – Teen tastes

A Answers will vary.B Answers will vary.C

Answers will vary.

Connect 1 Answer Key6

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