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welcome to my home

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Welcome to My Home

By Peach

Let’ s chant
Textbook, textbook, it is my textbook.

Workbook, workbook, it is your workbook

Notebook, notebook, it is his notebook.

Storybook, storybook, it is her storybook.

It is a bedroom (卧室). There is a bedroom.

TV lamp

desk bed bookshelf

There is a clock.

Play a game
A: In my room, there is a bed. B: In my room, there is a bed and a bookshelf. C: In my room, there is a bed, a bookshelf and a clock. D:.......

There is a TV in the bedroom.

There is a bed in the bedroom.

There is a

in the


Is there a computer in the bedroom? Yes, there is. No, there isn’t.

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