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Apple,apple, i love you,

Banana, banana ,i like to eat.

I’m a cat,meow meow meow. I’m a dog, run run run

Daddy Daddy,open the door! I see a dog and a doll.

Fox fox has four feet. Fox fox has a funny face.

Goat goat, go go go! Girl girl, paly a game.

Helicopter,over my head. Hamburger,in my hand.

Juice, jelly, jam,

All in my jacket.

Kitty, kitty, in the kitchen.

Don’t fly a kite, and don’t kick.

Little lamb has four legs.

Saw a lion and ran to the lake.

Monkey, monkey, eating a mango. Mouse, mouse, drinking milk.

Number nine, nod your head. Number nine, what’s your name?

Policeman,policeman, please come here. I see a pig eating my pizza.

Queen, queen, in the quilt,

Asking a question, “who is quick?”

Rabbit, rabbit,running in the rain. Rabbit, rabbit, jumping on the rug.

Santa Clause, in a sleigh. Put a star, in my sock.

Tiger,tiger,are you tired?

Take a taxi and have some tea.

Where is my violin? On my vest. Where is the vest? In my van.

Mr. Wolf walk to the window. Mr. Wolf wants some water.

Six foxes moving axes, Six foxes moving boxes.

Little Nicky,little Nicky,

Eating yogurt, saying “yummy!” Little Kitty, little kitty, Playing a yo-yo in the yard.

Mr. Zero,the zoo keeper, Saw a zebra with a zipper.

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