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新课标人教版unit7 sectionB reading

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Unit 7 Will people have robots?


Do you think you will have your own robot?

What does it look like?
I’m the owner It isn’t a real robot. It is a doll(玩具娃娃). It is impossible for him to do the housework, but it is possible for him to make me happy。

What do they look like?

They look like humans.

What do they look like ? They look like snakes. If buildings fall down with people inside, they can help look for people under buildings.

This robot looks like a huge arm

This one looks like a dog

There are some other robots, what can they do ?

Play football


what can they do ?

Play the piano


Who is the man? What does he do?

James White

He is a scientist.

He thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person

Answer the questions
? 1. In some science fiction movies, do people in the Yes, they future have their own robots? __________ do ? 2.Which country has robots that can walk and dance? Japan ________________________ ? 3.Who thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person? Jams White ______________________________________ ? 4.Are there already robots working in factories?Yes ? 5.What kind of job can a snake robot do? It can help look for people under the buildings ___________________________________________ ? 6.What will the robots look like in the future? ? They will have new different shapes ___________________________


Human servant

help with the housework

help people do jobs like working in dirty or dangerous places


What do some robots look like in the factory?
They look like huge arms

What jobs do they usually do? They do simple jobs over and over again.

Scientists are now trying to make robots look like humans and do the same jobs as we do

What can they do? Some can walk and dance. Will robots think like human in the future? Some scientists disagree with it. For example, James White Many scientists agree with it.

Language points
Today there are already robots working in factories.

Today there are already robots who are working in factories. There is a man talking
Computers and rockets also seemed impossible 100.

seem V.

He seems (to be) happy. = it seems that he is happy. He seemed to have fun yesterday.

机器人将不能和人类做一样的事情。 Robots won’t be able to do the same things as humans. 对机器人而言,讲话将是很困难的事。 It’ll be difficult for robots to speak. 将会有机器人在学校工作的。 There will be robots working in schools. 他明天将很少有工作做。 He’ll have less work to do tomorrow. 完成这工作要花费成百上千小时。 It’ll take hundreds of hours to finish this work.

1. There will be/ is going to be _______________(be) a school trip next week.
went 2. The Greens _______(go) to France two years ago. They _________(come) back in a month. will come rode 3.Maria often ______(walk) to sc

hool. But she ______(ride) walks her bike to school this morning.

4.Tony _______(want) to be a boss of a big company in three years. I don’t think his dream will come __________(come) true.
5. ______ you ______(be) free next Monday. Will be 6. They are ________(visit) New York for their vacation now. visiting 7. Maria __________(stay) with me this afternoon. will stay


are doing 8. Look! What _____ they _____(do) now? to go 9.Would you like ______(go) skating with us?

10.I don’t know which sweater to choose ________(choose).
be 11. What will the weather______(be) like tomorrow?

will keep 12.We __________(keep) many sheep on our farm in two years.
will work 13.In ten years, I hope I ________(work) as an astronaut. won’t be 14. The radio says there __________(not be) any strong wind tonight. Will be 15. _____ there _____(be) more pollution in the future?

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