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Unit 7 The World We Live In
? ? ? ? ? ? Situation Acid rain Ozone hole Greenhouse effect What should we do An English song

? Situation ? Garbage floodgate ? Forest resources plummeted Acid rain ? Ozone hole ? Greenhouse effect ? What should we do

The development of mankind itself has long been confined to areas of economic development, and economic development of the natural environment and natural resources to rely on the support of the productive forces, and inevitably the quality of the environment have a negative impact. The development of humanity has been a global threat to the environment for the survival of human beings. Now . We are not sure whether we can overcome the crisis , maybe we cannot . The situation has been so terrible ·· ·

Garbage floodgates
Look around your own home. In the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, you can probably see trash waiting to happen. Did you eat cereal with milk or munch on a banana for breakfast? Sooner or later that cereal box, milk carton, and banana peel will end up in the garbage along with napkins, paper cups, leftover food, and soda cans from yesterday's snack. One day your television set, refrigerator, old bike, and skates will become trash, too. So will the containers and wrappers that hold your shampoo, your toothpaste, your soap, and your new shoes. Americans toss out over 195 millions tons of garbage each year.


Forest resources plummeted

Forest resources plummeted

Acid rain
Heavy use of energy to enhance the human material, but also caused unexpected disaster. Acid rain bring a global damage.

Ozone hole
In 1996, an report, which is issued by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), called“taking the action: the environmental guide to you and your community” indicated that the ozone empty of the Antarctic pole is enlarging by the speed of the terrestrial area of the whole America every year, which brings about the continuous ascending of incidence of the skin cancer of the human beings and the rigorous deterioration of the air quality

Cars’ emissions are especially damaging, too—partly because the nitrogen oxides from jet-engine exhausts help create ozone, a potent greenhouse gas, and partly because the pretty trails that aircraft

Greenhouse effect

There is no doubt global warming is a fact. Global warming is very serious consequ ences, such as glaciers melt, sea level rise, desertification, to the ecological system and the serious impact on agricultural pro duction.

What should we do for our home?
? 1st government
? 2nd ourself(问答)

1,提高全民族环保意识。 Awaken the whole nation to the importance of environmental protection. 2,中国已规定并修改了有关水、空气及固体垃圾污染的有关法律,为取得持续 发展打下了基础。 China has stipulated and revised the relevant laws on water air and solid waste pollution, laying the foundation for achieving sustainable de

velopment. 3,保护地球环境-人类共有的家园。 Protect the earth's environment -- the homeland of all mankind. 4,保护环境识每个公民的责任与义务。 Protecting the environment is every citizen's responsibility and moral duty. 5,对环境问题的关注已经成为一种不可逆转的历史潮流。 The attention to environment issue has become an irreversible historical trend. 6,切实搞好生态环境建设。 Practical measures need to be taken to improve the environment. 7,工厂废气、污水排放必须符合排放标准。 All factories must meet discharge standards by the end of 2000. 8,为了避免破坏西部环境,有必要对西部地区的经济开发与建设进行严格监督。 To avoid ruining the environment in the west, strict supervision of economic development and construction in the western areas is necessary.

Heal the world
Make a little space To make a better place Heal the world Make it a better place For you and for me and the entire human race Save it for our children

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