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幼儿园话剧Snow white中英对白

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Snow white幼儿园话剧

角色:1)白雪公主:Snow White 2)皇后:Queen 3)魔镜:Mirror

4)猎人: Hunter 5)博士:Doctor 6)开心:Happy 7)喷嚏精: Sneezy

8)害羞: Bashful 9)爱瞌睡: Sleepy 10)爱生气: Grumpy 11)糊涂蛋: Dopey 12)王子: Prince

旁白:A long time ago,there was a queen.She had a pretty daughter named Snow White.Soon after the child was born,the queen died.The king married another queen.The stepmother didn’t like Snow White very much.She made Snow White do the housework all day and all night.


Snow White:My name is Snow white,I’m a beautiful princess,I miss my mother so much,and where is my mother?Where is my mother? 场景2.皇后、魔镜出场(放闪电打雷的音乐)

Queen:I’m the new queen.I’m very beautiful.You see.If anyone is more beautiful than me.I’ll kill her.I have a magic mirror.It will tell me.Now,mirror,mirror,come here!

Mirror:Yes,I’m coming.What do you want to know?

Queen:Mirror,on the world.Who is the most beautiful of all?Who is she?

Mirror:Yes,my Queen!She is Snow white.

Queen:Snow white?No!Hunter,come here,come here!


Hunter:Yes,I’m here now!

Queen:Kill Snow white.


场景4.白雪公主正高兴地摘花(放音乐。场景设置:树模型和花模型) Snow White:One flower,two flowers,three flowers…How many flowers!How beautiful!

场景5.猎人看到白雪公主,慢慢地拔出刀,但犹豫着说(放音乐) Hunter:Oh!My god!She is so lovely and pretty!I can’t!I can’t kill her!


Snow White:What are you doing?Why do you kill me?

Hunter:I’m very sorry.Someone wants me to kill you.

Snow White:But who?

Hunter:The queen.

Snow White:Don’t kill me!I will run far away.

Hunter:Ok.Run away.

Snow White:Thank you,my dear hunter.

旁白:Snow White began to run into the wild forest until it was almost evening.She saw a little house.


Snow White:Oh,my god!I think the queen can’t find me now.I’m so tired!I want to sleep!

旁白:When it was dark,the owners of the house came back,They were seven dwarfs.They were looking for gold in the mountain.


Doctor:I’m the Doctor,I know a lot of think.

Happy:I’m the Happy.I’m the happiest person in the world. Sneezy:I’m the Sneezy.If I sneeze,the earth will shake.

Bashful:I’m the Bashful.I’m a shy man.

Sleepy:I’m the Sleep.I always feel sleepy.

Grumpy:I’m the Grumpy.I’m not so easy to believe a tranger.The next one is Dopey.He can’t talk like us.

Snow white:What a nice sleep!Oh,who are you?I know.You are Doctor,Happy,Sneezy,Bashful,Sleepy,Grumpy and Dopey.

Seven Dwarfs:Why are you in our house?

Snow White:The queen wants to kill me.Let me stay with you. Doctor:You can stay with us.

Bashful:You must be careful. Snow White:I know.Thank you!


Queen:Mirror,mirror,who is the most beautiful?

Mirror:Snow white is the most beautiful.She lives with the seven dwarfs.

Queen:Oh my god.Snow White is not dead?Haha…I got a good idea. (皇后做了个有毒的苹果,打扮成老太太,向那小屋子走去)

旁白:The queen made a poisonous apple and dressed herself like an old woman.She came to the house.

场景10.皇后、白雪公主出场(场景设置:花篮和苹果。) Queen:Apples.Very delicious apples!.Could you have a taste? Snow White:Ok!Thank you!(咬一口,倒下。放音乐。)

Queen:Haha…Now I’m the most beautiful in the world.

旁白:When the seven dwarfs came from work.They were greatly surprised to see Snow White dead.


Six Dwarfs:What’s the matter?

Doctor:Snow White is dead.

Seven Dwarfs:Oh,my poor Snow White!

旁白:At the same time,a prince came to the seven dwarfs’house.When he saw Snow White,he fell in love with her. Prince:What a beautiful girl!Let me have Snow White.I love her. Seven Dwarfs:Ok!Carry Snow White with you.Be kind to her. Prince:Yes,I will.(吻白雪公主的手)

旁白:As soon as the prince kissed Snow White,Snow White came to her life.

Snow White:Oh,my god!Where am I?What happened?

Prince:You are with me,my dear.Please be my queen,will you? Snow White:Yes, I will,my dear!

Seven Dwarfs:Oh!Congratulations!Congratulation!

旁白:The prince married Snow White.Their wedding was held with great show.












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