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1 He ________ (go) to school every day. 2 2 2

2________(He ,His ,Him) bag is blue.

3 There are two apples, I want the_______one.(big)

4 My father ________(be) a worker.

5 Look, they________________(play) football.

6. How ____ you ? I ____ fine, thank you. ( be )

7. What ____ your name? My name___ Tom. ( be )

8. Tim and Rose ______ in the same class. ( be )

9. Can I ______ in and see your name? OK. ( go )

10. We ______ six lessons very day. (have)

11. Tom and Ben ______ many friends in school. (have)

12. _______ Tom _______(like) ________(run)?

13. I _____ English very much. He _____ it, too. (like)

14. I like to sing and Lucy _______ to dance.(like)

15. I like ________(panda) very much.

16. He likes ________(play) football.

17. Where is ________(she)? She is in ________(she) bedroom。

18. ________ (it) is a dog. ________ (it)name is Wang Wang

按要求写单词 1.foot (复数)________________2. sheep(复数)

________________ 3. box (复数) ________________ 4.tiger (复

数) ________________ 5. like(第三人称单数)________________

6.butterfly(复数) ________________ 7.family(复数)

________________ 8.knife(复数) ________________

9.mouse(复数) ________________ 10. tomato (复数) ______


1 .Mary _____like reading books. A .don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

2. It’s not her book. _______is in the bag. A.Her B Hers C Herself D Your

3. There are some _______ in the picture. A. sheeps B. sheepes C. Sheep

4 ______you ______to school by car? A Are….go B Do….go C Does….go D


5. I like ______ books. A. to B. reading C. of reading

6. There ______two books on my desk。 A. are B. am C. do D. is

7.Does Jack often ______to school by bus? A go B goes C don’t D does go

8. The girl ______the radio at seven every day. A listen B listens C listening

D listens to

9. Can you ride a bike? No, I ______. A can B am C can’t

10. She often_____ books in the afternoon. A read B reading C reads

D is reading

11. I am listening _____ the radio. A on B to C in D at

12. _____ Monday I study English . A To B on C On D In

13. Do you like_____soccer? A. playing B. play C. play the D. playing the

14. Do you go to school _____ 7:00 a.m.? A. in B. at C. on D./

15. --What’s Tom's favourite sport? --_____ favourie sport is basketball.

A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

16. Look at the pictures and fill in the_____ letters.

A missing B. miss C. missed D.Miss A come B comes C is D /

18. What do you do _____the playground? A. of B. on C. at D. with

19. Will you play basketball _____ me? A. with B. and C. to D. in

20. _______ mother is a good teacher. A. He B. He’s C. His

21. ---Where’s ________ school? ---My school is near my house.

A. my B. your C. you

22. There ______ a desk and two chairs in my room. A. be B. is C. are

23. What animal has Bill got?

A.Cat. B. He is reading a book. C. He is short?

24.My name’s Ann ,what’s yours?

A.Tom. B.Yes,it is. C.Fine,thanks.

25.How old are you? A. I’m Lucy. B. Good morning. C.I’m five.

26.What color do you like best? A.How are you? B.Green C.My mother.

27.Where’s father? A.He’s sleeping. B.He’s at home. C.He’s forty.

28.Is it very big? A.Yes,it is. B.No,I’m not. C.Yes,he is.

29.Whose ball is that? A.I don’t like it. B.My sister is six. C.It’s my brother’s.

30.What’s your favorite food? A.It’s small. B.Burgers. C.I like it.


1. I am a teacher.(变否定句) _____________________________________________________

2. He likes eggs.(变否定句和一般疑问句) _



3. He was an engineer.(变否定句) _____________________________________________________

4. The library is behind the garden.(对划线部分提问) _____________________________________________________

5. I’m going to the school.(对划线部分提问) _____________________________________________________

6. They are elephants .(变该句为单数形式) _____________________________________________________

7. He is doing his homework .(改为一般疑问句) _____________________________________________________

8. There is some water in the cup. (变为否定句)



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