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Name_____________ Score_______________

一、 听单词或句子,在相应的括号里打钩。(10)

1、( )A、trousers B、jacket C、shorts

2、( )A、Maskman B、Masktroll C、Trollman

3、( )A、table tennis B、football C、soccer

4、( )A、I’ve got a computer. B、I like painting.

C、I want a computer.

5、( )A、There’s a big red bus. B、I can swim and fly.

C、I’d like some lemonade.


1、h__t 帽子 2、j__ __ns 牛仔裤 3、b__sk__tball 篮球 4、h__ckey 曲棍球 5、sh__ __t 衬衫 6、s__ __sages 香肠 7、b__ __gers 汉堡 8、b__ __ch 沙滩 9、s__ __ 大海 10、sh__ll 贝壳


( )1、Have you got a big car?

A、 Yes, I have. B、No, I have. C、I like car.

( )2、Has she got a plane?

A、 Yes, she have. B、Yes, she has. C、Yes, she hasn’t.

( )3、Would you like some fries?

A、 Yes, I’d love some. B、I don’t like fries.

C、I’m eating fries.

( )4、Can I have some milk?

A、 No, thank you. B、Yes, I am. C、Here you are.

( )5、Where do you want to go on holiday?

A、 Let’s go to the beach. B、I’m reading a book.

B、 I want a computer.


1、fries? some Would like you


2、I’d some cake, please. like


3、a big car. I’ve got


4、is playing table tennis. My hobby


五、在横线上写出正确答案 “Yes, he does.” 或 “No, he doesn’t.”(10分)

1、Does he got a new bike? ______________________


Does he got a short ruler? ______________________

3、Does he got a small kite? ______________________

4、Does he got a chocolate cake?______________________

5、Does he got small camera? ______________________


My name’s _____________.

I’m _________ years old.

My hair is _________.

My eyes are _________.

I like ___________________.

I don’t like ____________________.

My favorite toy is _________________.


1、Who am I? __________________

2、Look at Maskman. __________________

3、What a great game of soccer! ____________________________

4、Number 18 is kicking the ball. ____________________________

5、Come and play football with us, Marie. _________________________

6、I love reading about soccer. __________________________

7、This is Simon’s birthday party. ___________________________

8、Lea’s have a party for Marie. _____________________________

9、Marie would like a lemon cake. ___________________________

10、Happy birthday! __________________

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