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About parents.PPT

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About Parents.

When we are wronged, they are patient to listen to our cry . When we make mistakes, they will not hesitate to forgive us . When we succeed, they would like for us to celebrate, to share with us the pleasure. ___

They are our parents.

When you were a kid , you know nothing but play toys.

They taught you use chopsticks and spoon. So you can eat meals by yourself.

They taught you how to button and dress yourself .

They taught you wash your face and comb your hair .

And everything in your life ……

They taught you how to be , how to do .

A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.

When you went to school ,you met many friends . You learned many knowledge from your teachers . But don’t forget your first teacher __parents.

We are growing up, while they are older than before . Although we are too busy to go home ,it’s necessary to call them . When we have spare time, we should go home visit our dear parents.

Because they are lonely, they miss you, they need you to go home and talk something around you. Even you talk nothing to them but watching TV with them.

In their eyes ,You are their little kid Forever.

As long as you are here with them, they will feel happy.

They are always patient with us. Even we are naughty, they have no complaint. They sacrificed their youth and took their lifetime to make a colorful future for us. One day, they will be so old that they can’t walk by themselves.

And they will be blurred vision Let’s be their eyes and cane. Then we can travel all over the world with them .

Just like …

And they took us to meet the new world.

They holding our hand tightly when we were a kid .

Just tell them__



The end …

Thank you .

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