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英语幽默故事:You May Select

The husband complained that his wife always cooked the same dish.

One day, the husband got home and asked his wife, "My dear, what will we eat today?"

The wife said, "You may select the dish today."

The husband was very glad and asked, "Which dishes are there today?" "Cabbage." "The others?" "None."

"Then how to select?"


“那你要我怎么选呢?” “吃还是不吃!”妻子一本正经地说道。 练习参考答案:

① C②A③C④D⑤B

英语幽默故事:Hunting Skills

Two Russian hunters meet. "I shot a gigantic bear yesterday," says Ivan. "Look at the hide!"

"How do you find such huge bears?" Sergei asks.

"Easy," says Ivan. "You stand in front of a cave and whistle. When the bear comes out, you shoot."

Weeks later the two meet again. Sergei is covered in "Eat or not eat!" the wife said. Notes:

(1) complain v.抱怨 (2) cabbage n.白菜 Exercises:


① What did the husband complain about? A. His wife sometimes cooked the same dish. B. His wife seldom cooked the same dish. C. His wife always cooked the same dish. D. His wife didnt cook any dish.

② What question did the husband ask one day? A. He asked what they would cat.

B. He asked if there was anything to eat. C. He asked if there was any meat. D. He asked if there was any cabbage. ③ The wife told him that_____ . A. there was no meat

B. there was a lot of cabbage C. he could select the dish

D. he could cook some other dishes ④ The husband was at first_____ . A. very disappointed B. very angry C. very sad D. very glad

⑤ We can be sure that_____ .

A. the family had nothing to eat on that day B. the family had only one dish on that day C. the family had several dishes an that day

D. the family went out to a restaurant on that day 中文翻译: 可以选择

丈夫抱怨妻子总是做同样的一种菜。 一天,丈夫回到家,问妻子:“亲爱的,今天我们吃啥菜?” 妻子回答:“今天你可以选择。” 丈夫感到非常高兴,又问:“都有哪些菜呢?” “炒白菜。” “还有呢?”

bandages. "Didnt you follow my advice?" Ivan asks.

"Sure I did. I stood, in front of a cave and whistled, " Sergei replies.

"And what came out?"

"To me, "says Sergei, "it looked like the Trans-Siberian Express." Notes:

(1) hide n.兽皮 (2) bandage n.绷带

(3) whistle v.吹哨子;鸣笛

(4) Trans-Siberian Express 穿越西伯利亚的快车 Exercises:

根据短文判断下列句子正(T)、(F): ① Ivan shot a gigantic bear yesterday. ② Ivan showed Sergei the hide of the bear. ③ Ivan taught Sergei how to hunt huge bears. ④ Sergei didnt follow Ivan s advice. ⑤ Sergei was hit by a train. 中文翻译:打猎的技巧 两个俄国猎人相遇。“我昨天打了一只巨熊,”伊凡说,“看看这兽皮!”

“你是如何发现这么大的熊的?”谢尔盖问道。 “简单,”伊凡说,“你站在一个洞前并吹哨子。熊出来时你就开枪。”


“我当然是按你的建议做的。我站在一个洞前并吹哨子,”谢尔盖回答说。 “出来了什么?” “向着我来的,”谢尔盖说,“像是穿越西伯利亚的快车。”

练习参考答案: T②F③T④F⑤T



1. What wears a cap but has no head?

2. What rises in the morning and waves all day? 3. What is an astronomer?(天文学家)?

4. How can you tell clocks and watches are shy?

5. What is wind?

6. What comes after the letter "A"?

7. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T? 8. What word can you make shorter by adding to it? 9. What person does every man take his hat off to? 10. Why does the boy carry a ladder to the school? Answer: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 6. What animal eats and drinks with its tail?

7. What has a soft bed but never sleeps, a big mouth but never speaks?

8. What kind of dog never bite?

9. Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York Harbor? 10. What did one invisible man say to the other invisible 1. A bottle. 2. A flag.

3. A night watchman with a college education..

4. Because they always have their hands in front of their faces.

5. Air in a hurry.

6. All the other letters. 7. Teapot. 8. Short. 9. A barber.

10. Because he wants to go to high school.


1. What room has no walls, no doors, no windows, and no floors?

A mushroom.(蘑菇)

2. What is smaller than an insects mouth? Anything it eats.

3. What large instrument do you carry in your ears? Drums, that is eardrums.(鼓膜)

4. Whats too much for one, just right for two, but nothing at all for three? A secret.

5. What person tried to make you smile most of the time? A photographer.

6. What animal has a head like a cat, eyes like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isnt a cat? A kitten.(小猫)

7. What surprising things happen every 24 hours?

Day breaks, but doesnt fall; night falls, but doesnt break. 8. What can hear you without ears and can answer you without a mouth? An echo.(回声)

9. What do you know about the kings of France? They are all dead.

10. What question can you never answer yes" to? Are you asleep?



1. Who isnt your sister and isnt your brother, but is still a child of your mother and father? 2. What has teeth but cannot eat?

3. What kind of man can raise things without lifting them? 4. Why does time fly?

5. Name five days of the week without saying: Monday,

man? Answer: 1. I myself. 2. A comb. 3. A farmer.

4. To get away from all the people who are trying to kill it. 5. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

6. All do. No animal takes off its tail when eating and drinking. 7. A river. 8. A hot dog.

9. Because it cant sit down. 10. Its nice not to see you again.


1. What kind of dog doesn't bite or bark? (什么狗不能咬也不能叫?) 2. What table is in the field?

3. What is the only thing you can break when you say its name?


4. What is the most difficult key to turn? (最难拧的钥匙是什么?)

5. What is black When it is clean and white when it is dirty? (什么东西干净的时候是黑的,脏的时候是白的?) KEY:

1. Hot dog. 2. Vegetable. 3. Silence. 4. A donkey.

5. The Blackboard.


? Feel Unhappy.心里难受

Son: Is it wrong to give anyone mental or physical hurt when he felt unhappy? Father: Of cause, it is.

Son: Fine, now I am feeling so bad. I lost in two subjects this time.

Father(angrily): What? You------

儿子:是不是当心里难受时,就不应该再给他精神或肉体上的刺激? 父亲:那当然!


父亲(气愤地):什么?你?? ? It’s not that. 不是那样的。

A: I saw seven girls share one umbrella and none of them got wet.

B: Oh, that must be a very big umbrella. A: No, it wasn’t raining.

A:我看见7个女孩共撑一把伞却没有一个被淋湿。 B:啊?那一定是把很大的伞吧! A:不是,当时并没有下雨。 ? Compare other things?比一下其他?

Son: Mom, John has a pair of shoes with Gordon’s 英语典故故事——Drop the other shoe

意思是'扔下另一只鞋'。不过,在英语中多数成语都有引申的含意,不可直译。那么,drop the other shoe 到底是什么意思呢?这里,有一个小故事:

A man who lives on an upper floor of a rooming house comes home late at night and starts to undress. First he takes off one shoe and drops it loudly on the floor, waking up the man in name signed.

Mom: You just care about this? Haven’t you compared other things?

Son: Yes, his mother is prettier than you. 儿子:妈妈,John有双乔丹签名的球鞋。

妈妈:你只关心这个吗?不会比一下其它东西? 儿子:有啊,他妈妈比你漂亮。

寓言故事:The goose with the golden eggs

One morning a countryman went to his gooses nest, and

saw a yellow and glittering egg there.

He took the egg home. To his delight, he found that it was an egg of pure gold.

Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs.

The countryman became more and more greedy. He wanted to get all the gold at once, so he killed the goose, when he looked inside, he found nothing in its body. 生金蛋的鹅




农夫变得越来越贪婪,他想一下子得到鹅肚子中所有的金蛋。于是他杀死了鹅,但是,鹅肚子中什么也没有。 寓意: 如果不懂得知足,贪得无厌,我们就会失去已经拥有的东西。

the room below. Then he remembers to be quiet. He takes off the other shoe and sets it down carefully and silently. After a long interval, his neighbor, who has been lying awake all this time, yells up, 'For God's sake, drop the other shoe!'


drop the other shoe 就是源于这个故事,其确切意思是指'结束悬念或公布结果等'。我们用成语的时候要注意场合,不同的句子中应根据具体情况灵活运用。比如:

He looks so worried because he is waiting for the other shoe to drop.


i do it for you

歌手:bryan adams

bryan adams (everything i do it)i do it for you

look into my eyes-you will see what you mean to me

search your heart-search your soul and when you find me there

you'll search no more

don't tell me it's not worth trying for you can't tell me it's not worth dying for you know it's true

everything i do i do it for you

look into my heart-you will find there's nothing there to hide take me as i am-take my life

i would give it all i would sacrifice don't tell me

it's not worth fighting for i can't help it it is nothing i want more

you know it's true

everything i do i do it for you

oh yeah there's no love-like your love and no other-could give more love there's nowhere-unless you're there all the time-all the way yeah... look into your heart baby


oh you can't tell me

it's not worth trying for i can't help it there's nothing i want more

i would fight for you i'd lie for you walk the wire for you-i'd die for you you know it's true everything i do i do it for you

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