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Aestheticism and Humanity in The Portrait of a Lady.

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A Research on The portrait of a lady——the tragedy of 3 women in the patriarchal






Social background

Analysis of the tragedy of the 3 womenConclusion

Social Backgroundthe Victorian timesemphasize the

traditional ethics that men control women

patriarchal society

a socialstructureestablish the dominance of the men group

and enforce the subordination of women by family and society

patriarchal society

an ideological structure the women's aesthetic ideals as

the obedient daughter, wife andmother.

Social Requirements to a lady


?beautiful and intelligent?brave and generous ?rich imagination

?strong self-consciousness of pursuing freedom and love.patriarchal rulesforbid women tohave any real communication with othersintellectually inferior to menbe weak and submissivemeet the desire of the men or the

power of wealthself-sacrifice spirit

Isabel ArcherMadame.Merle


Isabel Archer

dependent status : coming to Europe by her aunt, her economical condition by her uncle and her cousin.regard marriage as one of the best choices for women to live a secure life.

finally return to the marriage, which shows the dominant force on her

behaviors and also vividly reflects that Isabel is an ideal lady


has no family after being abandoned by her husband

has no moral status meeting the society after being love with Osmond

loses the identity of being the mother of Pansy

set a trap for seeking Isabel's property to make her lover and her daughter have agood future


a young girl and is the illegal daughter of Osmond with Madame.Merle.

Her love and marriage are all determined by her father without her own freedom.Her fate is controlled by her father Osmond.

Brought up in the monastery to learn to be a standard lady of the Victorian era


?Women have to accept herself as the obedient to live in a polite society and keep up with the requirements of patriarchal rules in the Victorian times.

?The three women images written by James can not get rid of the tradition and fall into the victims of the

patriarchal society,and their tragedy is the epitome of the comtemporary women's tragedy.

?The portrait of the lady is a portrait of Victorian ideal lady.

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