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Part 1. Listen, look, follow and learn.

—— Where are you going now ? where: 哪里 你现在要去哪里? now: 现在 —— I’m going to the zoo. I‘m=I am 我要去动物园。 —— Where would you like to go in the holiday then ? then: 然后 would you like: 你想…? 然后你想在假期去哪里? —— I’d like to go to the countryside. I’d like:我想要… 我想要去乡下。

—— Paul, where did you go on the holidays ? did: do的过去式。 你假期去了哪里,Paul?

—— Oh, I went to many places.
went: go的过去式。 噢!我去了许多地方。

Part 3. Listen, read and act.

—— Did you go to Huang Mountain ?

—— Yes, I did. I also went to Hainan Island. also: 也。


—— That’s great. What other places did you go to ? other: 其它的。 太棒了!你还去了什么其它的地方吗?

—— I went to the zoo after I came back.
after: 在…之后。 came: come的过去式。来。 back: 回来。 come back: 回来。 回来之后我去了动物园。

—— I‘m sure you had a good time . sure: 确信。当然。

had: have的过去式。
have a good time: 玩得开心。 我肯定你玩得很高兴。 —— That’s right . 是的。

Part 7. Look, match and say.

e.g. I often go swimming.

She went swimming yesterday.

e.g. I often ____________.

She went _________ yesterday.

e.g. I often ____________. He went _________ yesterday.

e.g. I often ____________.

He went __________ yesterday.

e.g. I often ____________. They went ________ yesterday.

e.g. I often ____________. They went ________ yesterday.

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