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The story in Sahara
-----By San Mao

San Mao,formerly called Chen ping . Because she likes Zhang leping’s vagrant life of San Mao , and she thinks her works are simple and only worth three penny , she calls herself San Mao.

? San Mao was educated in Chinese Culture University , department of Philosophy ,but she didn’t finish her studies . And then she had studied in Europe . After she married with He Xi, they lived in Sahara . And she wrote a series of popular works on the background of the local life. ? Unfortunately, good time always did not last long , her husband He Xi died of diving accidents. She was so sad that she decided to end 14 years of wandering foreign life and set in China.

? San Mao toured all over the world during her lifetime , and her works are widely spread worldwide . She created a large number of works,“Allure”, “Gentle Night" ,"Weeping Camel", “Dream Whispering Color ", “The Story in Sahara" and so on. But when she was 48 years old, she killed herself.

? “The Story in Sahara “ is the San Mao’s best-known book . This book consists of several wonderful essays . The life in the bleak desert didn’t make her feel boring , but instead , it aroused her potential writing talent . ? In her eyes,the desert was not lonely . She portrayed an romance and warmth picture to us with her positive attitude.

? In this book , San Mao described her fragmentary details and experiences , recorded her and her husband He Xi ’s simple and happy life and the novelty customs . ? San Mao spent her life to help those inhabitants , she opened the classroom to teach them to read and write , gave medicine and treated their illness , filled her neighbors’ teech with nail polish……

My view

? , San Mao's words are always very simple, but the remainder in a simple , always give people a special feeling of warmth

A passage
I'll recommend a well-written passage: ? After dinner we sit on the roof. That night there is no wind , He Xi tells me to turn on the lights , lights shined, and a group of insects immediately rush over, they are spinning around the light , like the light is the only thing they decided . ? We both look at these small flying insects . ? " What are you thinking ? " He Xi says.

? "I was thinking ,when the moths fly to a flame , they must be very happy."

My view

? San Mao’s words, like the warm sunshine in winter, let our heart filled with a sweet feeling . Flowery language always gives us a feeling of high-sounding , flashy, but San Mao always use the most plain language to touch our heart .


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