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12 2分钟预备铃之首字母填空

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? How much paper do you use every year? Probably you can’t answer the question quickly. In 1990 the world’s use of p___1___ was about one kilogram for each person a year. Now some countries use as much as 50 kg of paper for each person in a year. ? The Chinese first made paper about two thousand years ago. But at that time Chinese paper was not made from the w___2___ of trees. It was made from the hair-look parts of certain plants. Five hundred years passed. There was a German named Schaeffer who found out that one could make the best paper from t___3___. After that, the forest countries of Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United States became the most important countries in papermaking.Today, the paper made in Finland is the

b___4___ in the world. ? When we think of paper, we think of newspapers, books and w___5___ paper. But there are many other u___6___. Each year, more and more things are made of paper. For example, we can see paper cups, plates, and dishes in many places. Now we hear that chair, tables, and beds can be made of paper. Paper can also be made into hats, clothes, shoes and so on. When you use them once, you t___7___ them away. ? People have made paper boats (in some parts of the world paper boats have already been used), but they haven’t made paper planes or cars.

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