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Part 1、 Listen and select.( 听录音,选择你所听到的单词。) 10 points

1、 ( ) A. hat B. map C. mat D. bat

2、 ( ) A. bed B. leg C. wet D. egg

3、 ( ) A. dog B. fog C. hop D. cot

4、 ( ) A . kid B. pit C. fit D. hit

5、 ( ) A. mud B. bud C. gum D. cut

6、 ( ) A. bake B. wave C. make D. name

7、 ( ) A. he B. she C. me D. we

8、 ( ) A. bike B. five C. nine D. time

9、 ( ) A. close B. nose C. phone D. home

10、 ( ) A. cute B. mute C. huge D. tube

Part 2、Listen and translate.(听录音,选择你听到英语单词的中文意思。) 10 points

1、( ) A. 钢笔 B. 铅笔 C. 铅笔盒 D. 尺子

2、( ) A. 马 B. 乌龟 C. 兔子 D. 青蛙

3、( ) A. 柚子 B. 芒果 C. 菠萝 D. 椰子

4、( ) A. 白色 B. 黄色 C. 绿色 D. 红色

5、( ) A. 飞机 B. 轮船 C. 火车 D. 自行车

Part 3、Listen and complete.(听录音,完成句子。)10 points

1、Hello, Jia Lei! Nice to you.

2、His name is Zhang Butian. your name?

3、Hello,Tong Fang!It’s a .Do you like it?

4、I like apples. What’s your favorite 5、What’s in your hat, Weng Dan? A(An) .

6、Fang Wanyi, touch your , please.

7、Everybody! Let’s play .

8、Where is Li Jiaxin? She must be in the house.

9、Which one do you like, the banana or the ?

10、Nan Rui, what have you got?


Part 4、将下列单词分类。(10 points)

pen horse bag fish apple pig pencil earser cat cow mango ruler Tom rabbit red Li Ming yellow Sam


2、horse 3、apple 4、red

5、Tom Part 5、完成下列单词。(20 points)

1、(书) 2、k(鸭子) 3p(绵羊) 4、(狗) 5、(猫)

6、 7、(山羊) 8、(鸡) 9、r(梨) 10、

11、(葡萄) 12、ge(橘子) 13、(西瓜)14、(桃

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子) 15、c c n t(椰子) 16、bl e(蓝色) 17、y ll w(黄色) 18、gr y(灰色) 19、p ple(紫

色) 20、p k(粉红色)

Part 6、根据括号里的汉语意思完成短文。(10 points)

Two little (熊) are going home. They are very (伤心). They haven’t got any

honey. They come to a big (橙色的) pumpkin. They are very (高兴) now.

They pull the (南瓜) hard. But the (南瓜) is still there. A little (狗)

and a little (猫) come to help. They pull and pull. They pull the (南瓜) out.

They carry the pumpkin to the little bear’s (房子).

Part 7、根据英语提示完成图画。(10 points)

Hello, my name is monster(怪兽). My body is red. I have three heads and they are blue. I

have six eyes and two noses. And I have a mouth. My neck is black. I have three hands on the

right(右边) and two hands on the left(左边). And I have two legs.

Part 8、单项填空。(10 points)

( ) 1、What’s your name? I Guo Jing.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 2、is it? It’s a cat.

A. what B. where C. how

( ) 3、What you like, Guo Shaofan? I want some apples.

A. want B. do C. would

( ) 4、How apples do you want? I’d like one, please.

A. much B. many C. more

( ) 5、What’s in my hand? It’s an .

A. eraser B. pen C. book

( ) 6、What can you ? I can see a book.

A. read B. find C. see

( ) 7、is Sam? He must be in the lemon house.

A. What B. Where C. Who

( ) 8、one do you like, the banana or the orange?

A. Which B. What C. Where

( ) 9、What have you got? My cap is blue.

A. colours B. colour C. thing

( )10、Where is my tony car? It’s (下面) the table.

A. in B. between C. under

Part 9、作文。(10 points)

I like animals very much. Today, I will go to the zoo with my friends. They are many

animals in the zoo. The frog is

(提示:frog—green sheep—white tiger—orange mouse—grey bird—blue fish—red

spider—black monkey—brown duck—yellow )

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