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life in the future教案

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Course: Senior English for China Student’s Book 2A

Teacher:Lin ligao

Academic Year: 2012-2013 Semester: 1

Step Ⅰ

Step Ⅱ

Leading in (教师活动)

1. The teacher can start with daily greetings and try to lead in 由日常问

候开启话some new words in this unit.


Q1: Where do you come from? downtown or countryside? Do 问学生家

乡情况导you think you live in a comfortable surrounding or not? Why?


What is your home made of? (brick, stone, steel, glass, wood, 活,引出不

同的建筑plastic, bamboo, mud...)


Q2: No matter where you live, I am wondering how do you 通工具中

的生词;然usually go to school? (by bike, by car, by bus…)


Bikes, cars, buses and so on can be used to carry people or 通工具的things from one place to another place, and they are called 发展历史,


vehicles. What other vehicles do you know? 的交通方

式,引出跨carriage, ambulance, jeep, airbus, train, truck, motorcycle


2.Group work 从而进入

阅读文章the students into groups of four to summary the


of all the means of transportation. And ask some 学习 sedan chair – carriage – bicycle – motorcycle – car – train –

– space craft

3. Summary: no matter the means of transportation in the ancient or today, they all just can take us travel from one place to place, but is there any means transportation can take us


1.Analyze the reading passage and summary the format of the English E-mail.

The format of the English E-mail

能让(1) heading(信头):including the addresser’s E-mail address and 格式,学生更好

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