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UNIT 8 how do you make a banana milk shake B2

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1.traditional adj.传统的;惯例的e.g. Dumplings are

traditional Chinese food. 饺子是传统的中国食物。

2.autumn n.秋天;秋季e.g. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. 秋天到,树叶变黄了。

3.traveler n.旅行者;漂泊者;游客构词法:travel (动词) + er →traveler (名词)e.g. A traveleris asking Jack the

way to the train station.


4.celebrate v.庆祝;庆祝e.g. How did youcelebrate

Spring Festival this year?

5.mix 你们今年怎样庆祝春节的?v.混合;融合

e.g. Mix the sugar with flour.


6.fill v.

water.(使) 充满;装满e.g. Please fillthe bowl with


7.cover v.遮盖;覆盖n. 覆盖物;盖子e.g. Please coverthe table with clothes.


8.serve v.接待;服务;提供名词:service 服务

e.g. Mrs. Blown serves us with apple milk shake.


9.temperature n.温度;气温;体温e.g. The temperatureis very low today.


2b Read the article.Thanksgiving 感恩节

也作:Thanksgiving Day


traditional adj.Thanksgiving传统的;惯例的

tradition n.惯例;传统traveler n.旅行者;旅客travel v.旅行first travelersfrom England who came to live in America about 500 years ago. These travelers had a long, hard winter, and many of them died. In the next autumn, they gave

thanks for life and food in their new home. These days, most

celebrate v.


this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family. The main dish of this meal is almost always turkey, a large bird.Making a turkey dinnerfill…with…


Next,this bread mix.

?Then, put the turkey in a hot oven and cook it for a few hours.gravy.

?Finallyvegetables like carrots and potatoes.

Then number the pictures



2c Read the article again and answer the following questions.

1. Where do people celebrate Thanksgiving?In the USA.

2. Why do people celebrate it?

They give thanks for life and food in their new home.

3. When do people celebrate it?

On the fourth Thursday in November.4. How do people celebrate it now?

By having a big meal with their family at home.5. What is the main dish of the Thanksgiving

meal?Turkey .

2d Here are the instructions for making a turkey dinner written in a different way. Put them in order. Write First, Next, Then and Finally.

Finally _______, serve it to your friends with some other food.

Next _______, put this into the bird.

_______, cook it at a very high temperature for Then

a long time.

_______, put everything you need together in a First

large bowl.

2e What do you think is the most special day in China? Answer the following questions.

1.When is this special day?

2.What are the reasons for this special


Do people give thanks for anything on

this day?

Do people remember anything or

anybody on this day?

3.How do most people celebrate this


4.Is there any traditional food?

What are the main dishes?5.Can you make these dishes?

It’s Dragon Boat Day.

2. In order to remember the famous poet Qu Yuan.

3. People eat zongzi and have boat races.

4. Yes, there is. The main dishes are zongzi.

5. Yes, I can.

2. Put some butter on a slice ofbread.a slice of量词, 一片

如: How many slices ofroast beef would you like? 请问你要几片烤牛肉?There are several slices ofbread.有几片面包。

3. Addthese to the sandwich.

add做动词为“加”的意思。在本句中的结构是: add sth. to sth. 将??加在??里。Will you addmore sugar to your coffee?你的咖啡要多加些糖吗?

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