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sh ir 的语音

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sh ir的语音

T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you! What's the weather like? (I'm fine, thank you) T: Let's say a chant. Everyone try to follow me, OK? "Fish, fish, in my fish" Great! Let's do 26letters actions. You are group A. Group B.

T: look at my picture, what do you see?(fish) Good. It's a fish. So /f/ /f/ f /f/ /f/ f fish. Look at this picture. What's this? (dish) yeah, it's a dish. /d/ /d/ d /d/ /d/ d /i/ /i/ i /i/ /i/ i dish.

T: Listen to me. Fish, dish, who can find the same things from the two words? Good! I I /i/ /i/ /i/ ,but "sh" how to pronunciation? Sh sh /? /

T: everybody, listen sh sh /? / ... Find some ss say it. Now ,everybody follow me. Sh sh /? / T: so what's this? (fish) and this one? (dish)

T: Now, let's play a game. I say the letter, you say phonics. And then i say phonics, you say the letter. When i touch the desk, you should quickly stand up,ok?

T: What's this? (bird) And this one? (shirt) Good.it's a bird. It's a shirt./b/ /b/ b /b/ /b/ b /d/ /d/ d /d/ /d/ d bird / ?/ sh /t/ t / ?/ sh /t/ t shirt

T:Who can find the same thing? Yes.they have the same letter"ir". So "ir" "ir" / / listen ir ir /?: / /?: / find some ss say it.

T:Now, boys and girls follow me. Ir ir /?: / /?: / all of them follow BOB. Let's play a game one by one. Number 1, you say the letter. Number 2, you say the phonics. Number 3, you say the letter....ok?

(demo)just like this. Group a ,group b ,let's pk. Which group do well, I will give you a chance to choose a number.(游戏:神秘之门)


T:I have some word cards.when i show it, you should quick spell it use the phonics.ok? (ir---birf ,birg, birt, hirt,girt) ( sh---bish, gish, hish,tish,vish)

T:Tell me. /? / /? / which letter?

/?: / / ?:/ which letter?

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