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少儿剑桥预备级B 总复习



(1)__________ (2)___________ (3)___________ (4)_____________(5)____________

(6)__________ (7)___________ (8)___________ (9)_____________(10)____________

(11)__________(12)___________ (13)___________ (14)_____________(15)___________

(16)__________(17)__________ (18)___________ (19)_____________(20)____________



( )1 ( )2 C. ( )3 ( )4 ( )5 三、听音翻译词组:(10分)

1. a pair of jeans_____________ 2. a blue dress__________ 3. a yellow skirt______

4. my trousers____________5. This is your handbag._____________________ .

6. his yellow shirt_________________7. her blue socks______________________

8. five pens_______________ 9. I like to wear T—shirt____________________

10.She is our new teacher._____________________________





big happy in short old left slow cold

little tall new

(1) small—______(2)out—______(3)hot—______(4)short—______(5)young—_____




1. brush—________ 2.fox—_______3. bus—________4.watch—_______

5.lion—__________6. tomato—_______ 7.potato—______8.mango—________

七、写出下列动词准确的ing 形式:(8分)

1.run—________ 2. take—______ 3.watch—______4. swim—______

5.touch—_______ 6.drink—_______7. have—______8. bounce—__________


1. ___ apple 2.___ orange dress 3. ___friend 4. ___ Indian girl

5.___stick 6.___eye 7. ___kitchen 8.___parrot 9.___robot 10.___ear


( ) 1. There____ an apple on the desk.

A. am B. is C. are

( )2. How many coconuts are there?

A. There are five. B. I can see five. C. There is five

( )3. Where are you going?

A. I’m going to Beijing. B. He is going to Beijing. C. She is going to Beijing.

( )4. What animals do you like?

A. I like rabbits. B. I don’t like animal. C. I like apple.

( )5. Do you like pizza?

A. Yes , I do. B. No, I do. C. I like pizza.

( )6. There____ a book and two pens in the schoolbag.

A. am B. is C. are

( )7. What has she got?

A. She has got a doll. B. He has got a toy car. C. I have got a camera.

( )8. What is Sophie doing?

A. She is cooking. B. I am doing my homework. C. He is brushing his teeth.

( )9. Who is this tall girl?

A. She is Sophie. B. He is Xiaoming C. I’m Sophie.

( )10. How are you going to U.S.A?

A. By car B. By bus C. By plane. D. On foot.

( )11. What is is?

A. It’s a cock. B. This is a cock. C. That is a cock.

( )12. Where is a school?

A. This is a school. B. It’s a school. C. It’s here.

( )13. What can you see?

A. I can see a big book. B. This is a big book. C. There is a book.

( )14. What do you do in the bedroom?

A. I sleep in the bedroom. B. I’m sleeping in the bedroom. C. I cook in the bedroom.

( )15. How old are you ?

A. I am ten years old . B. I am Sophie. C. My name is Sophie.

( ) 16.What do you want?

A. He wants a camera. B. She wants a doll. C. I want a handbag.

( )17. What animal can swim?

A. lion B. mouse C. spider D. parrot

( )18. What time is it?

A. It’s 8 am. B. This is 8 am . C. That is 8 pm.


______ name ____ ______. I____ a boy/girl. I____ ten years old. This ____ Sophie. _____ is my English teacher. ____ all like her. There ____four boys and four girls in the classroom. Welcome to ______classroom. 我的名字是×××,我是个男孩/女孩。 我今年十岁啦。 这是Sophie。她是我的英语老师。我们都很喜欢她。 我们的教室里有四个男孩和四个女孩。欢迎到我们的教室里来。

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