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unit10an_easy_maths_lesson 一堂简单的数学课

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Warm up Please say numbers from one to ten or twenty.

Let’s review the numbers. zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

Who can do it? 1+2= one plus two is three 2+2= 3+3= 8+5=

What is one plus two?

It’s three.

What is three minus two?

It’s one.

Who can do maths?
4+6= 10 5+6= 11 4+1= 5 8+1= 9 3+8= 11 2+3+4= 9 6+7= 13

Who can do maths?
9-6= 8-7= 3-3= 5-2= 6-3= 10-5= 11-9=

Look and say! Maths is fun. Three,two,one. Maths is easy. But we are busy.

u [ju:]

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One,two,three,three,two,one. Counting numbers is fun. Four,five,six,six,five,four. Open the windows and close the door. Seven,eight,nine,nine,eight,seven. Seven boy’s names are called “Steven”. Ten,ten,ten,ten,ten,ten. Ten children want to count them again.

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