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Unit 5 Listening and Speaking

Word box

1. ground n. 地面;地。

My parents live on the ground floor.


2. invitation n. 请柬

Please help Kitty write an invitation to her parents. 请帮助基蒂给他的父母写一封邀请信。

3. yesterday adv. 昨天

Yesterday was Open Day at Rose Garden School.


Language focus:

1. gym 健身房,体育馆

2. It’s on the second floor.在三楼。

英式:the ground floor一楼;the first floor二楼

美式:the first floor一楼;the second floor二楼

3. Kitty and her classmates took some photos for the English Club on the Open Day.

(1)take some photos for the English Club

(2) on the Open Day

(3) take photos

4. They visited our classroom at two fifteen.


take-took, listen-listened, visit-visited

arrive-arrived, have-had, look-looked

5. Our parents had a great time!

Have a great time=have a good time

6. welcome the parents

7. in different places

8. on the second floor

9. in the hall

10. in the Music room

11. write an invitation to sb

Write an invitation to her parents.

12. 一般将来时

(1)Will +动词原形

(2) 肯定式:I will go to see a film.

(3) 否定式:I won’t go to see a film.

(4) 疑问式:Will you go to see a film?

*常与 tomorrow ,Next week连用

13. 一般过去时

(1)常与这些词连用:yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week, a moment ago, in 1990

(2)肯定式:I worked.

(3)否定式:I didn’t work.

(4)疑问式:Did you work?


work-worked, open-opened

move-moved, live-lived

try-tried, study-studied

plan-planned, stop-stopped


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