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NCTS meeting

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National Center for Theoretical Sciences

Physics Division

National Center for Theoretical Sciences was

established in 1997 by National Science Council .

Research Activities

Scientific activities are carried out by center scientific staffs, by

division initiatives (working group, topics program) and

by a number of focus groups.

Attract internationally well known scientists to come to give lecturesThedivisionpaysmuchemphasisonguidingandtrainingour


1. AMO:

2. Bio:

3. CMR:

4.CPCS:Atomic Molecular Optical Physics, Coordinator: Daw-Wei Wang (NTHU and NCTS)Complexity and Life, Coordinator: Chi-Lun Lee (NCU), Chun-Chung Chen (NCTS)Computational Material Research, Coordinator: Chih-Kai Yang (NCU/National Chengchi University)Critical Phenomena and Complex Systems, Coordinator: Ming-Chia Wu (NCU and AS)


6.GRA:Cosmology and Particle Asrophysics, Coordinator: Chao-Qiang Geng (NTHU)Gravitation, Coordinator: Hing-Tong Cho (TKU/Tamkang University)

7.LQCD:Lattice QCD and Hadron Physics, Coordinator :Chung-Wen Kao (CYCU/Chung Yuan

Christian University)

8.LHC:LHC Physics, Coordinator: Chuan-Hung Chen (NCKU)

9. MPSCS:Mesoscopic Physics and Strongly Correlated Systems, Coordinators: Chung-Hou Chung

(NCTU), Ming-Chiang Chung (NCTS)

10.NMSCP:Numerical Methods for Strongly Correlated Physics, Coordinators: Po-Chung Chen (NTHU), Hong-Yi Chen (NTNU)

11. QIS:Quantum Information Science, Coordinators: Alec Maassen van den Brink (AS, IoP), Chung-

Hsien Chou(NCKU)

12. String:String, Coordinator: Yi Yang (NCTU)

13. CPSCS: Computaitonal Platform for Strong Coupled Systems, Coordinators: S-R Zheng and Teranish (NCTU)

14. TCC: Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Coordinator: Chrri Hsu (AS, IoC)

Research areas lead by Center Scientists and Focus GroupsBio-Physics, Condensed Matter, Computational Physics, Nuclear, Particle Physics, Field, String, Quantum Information, AMO, Cosmology, Astrophysics and Gravity

12 Focus Groups in 2012. (Removed one on Plasma Physics FG due to lack of activities)New FG in 2013: A new Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (TCC FG)

A new Computing Platform for Strong Coupling System (CPSCS FG)

Will merge into six thematic areas:

Quantum Matter, AMO&QIS (AMO,QIS),

Novel Materials (CPC, NMSCP),

Bio and Soft Matter Physics (Bio, CPCS),

Computational Sciences (MPSCS, TCC, CPSCS),

Cosmology, Astrophysics & Gravity (CPA, GRA),

Nuclear, Particle, Fields & String (LQCD, LHC, String)


Weekly seminars at NTHU,NCTU, NCU, NTU, CYCU, NCKUConferences and workshops: on the average 60.

Among them about 10 schools aiming at students and postdocs trainings.

Each year send about 25 students and postdocs to international conferences and schools.

Research out puts:

NCTS SCI research papers 796 since 1997.

In 2012, as of today, written 89 SCI papers.

Average citation per paper in the last 10 years:

NCTS has 11.07 which is higher than 6.53 per paper in TaiwanAbout 20 (Dec. 2012) ISI Web of Knowledge Highly Cited Papers written by NCTS related researchers.

Invited International Conference Talks: 45 (in 2012)International conference session chairs:13 (2012)

Awards by NCTS Physics DivisionThe division puts much emphasis on nurturing young theoretical physicists in Taiwan by awarding their efforts in different ways.Outstanding Young Researcher ward

to young faculties in universities.

This year the division also established a new award for

Best Research Paper for postdoctoral research fellows encouraging postdocs to carry out forefront researches.

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