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You're on the right track now! 你现在上路了! Fine! 好!

Much better! 好多了。

That's really nice.真好。

That's right! 不错!

That's good. 好。

Congratulations. You got it right! 祝贺你,你答对了。 You're really working hard today. 你今天真的很用功。 You are very good at that. 你可是你的长项。

Good work! 干得好!

Nice going. 做得不错。

You're really going to town. 你真的找对路了。

Outstanding! 太出色了!

That's great. 棒极了。

That's it. 正是如此。

I'm very proud of you. 我为你感到骄傲。

I like that. 我喜欢。

Not bad. 不错。

Keep working on it. You're imoving. 继续努力,你在进步。 You are learning fast. 你学得真快!

Nothing can stop you now. 现在什么都阻挡不了你了。

That's the way to do it. 正是这个方法。

You've got your brain in gear today. 你今天脑子转得很快。

That's better. 这样好多了。

That was first class work. 一流水准。

Excellent! 真是出类拔萃!

That's the best ever. 没有比这更好的了。


You've just about mastered it. 你就要掌握它了。 Perfect! 完美无缺!

You haven't missed a thing! 一点不差!

I'm happy to see you working like that. 我很高兴看到你像这样做。

That's much, much better!这比以前好多了。

Exactly right. 完全正确。

You're doing that much better today. 你今天进步很大。 You've just about got it. 你就要答对了。

I knew you could do it. 我知道你是会的。

One more time and you'll have it. 再来一次,你就会了。 That kind of work makes me happy. 真令我高兴。

Aren't you proud of yourself? 难道还不为你自己感到骄傲? Good thinking. 好思路。

You are really learning a lot. 你真的学到了很多。 You're getting better every day. 你每天都在进步。 That's quite an improvement. 提高很大了。

Keep it up! 继续努力!

I've never seen anyone do it better. 我还没见过比你做得更好的。

You outdid yourself today! 你今天超越自己了! Good remembering. 好记性。

That's the way! 正是如此!

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