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?Are you feeling C
Are you getting B
Are you going on C
Ben, would you like D
Bring me the bill B
Can I C
Can you go B
Can you help B
Come and see me D
Congratulations!You C
Could I ask.D go
Could I borrow C
Could I see your D
Could I speak A/C Speak
Could I use C. By all
Could you be C Sure.
Could you buy A
Could you do me C
Could you help me put A
Could you help me wit D
Could you pass B
Could you say A
David C How did
Did you see A No.
Did you use B No
Did you win D Right
Do you dance C. how
Do you have C Yes
Do you know C It's/A Yes
Do you like C Yes
Do you mind changing C
Do you mind if I C
Do you mind my B
Do you prefer C Coffee
Do you think B I'm
Do you think D Yes
Doctor, I C What’s
Does that tea B
Don’t take B I see.
Don’t watch. C. No
Don't worry. D
Don't make .A Sorry
Excuese me, can I C
Excuse me, I'm A
Excuese me, is there B
Excuse me,is this A
Excuse me,but B Sorry
Excuse me,can I have C
Excuse me,can you A
Excuse me,could you h A
Excuse me,could you s D
Excuse me,could you t D
Excuse me,How do I C
Excuse me,how much D
Excuse me,I'm afraid A
Excuse me,when will B
Good afternoon. C I need
Good evening, B not
Good morning, may B
Good morning.,John C Not
Good night and D. Good
Good-bye for now . C
Great party, isn't A.Yeah
Happy birthday D
Happy New Year A/D The
Happy Teacher’s A Thank
Has Alice had an C.
Have a cup D will you
Have a good B
Have a nice D
Have you been B
Have you installed C
Haven’t seen? D I am
Haven’t seen? A. Great
Hello! A
Hello! Are you A. Yes
Hello! Is that A. Yes
Hello, Amy. A. Just
Hello,could I speak to Mik B
Hello,could I speak to Mis A
Hello, how are you? C
Hello, I’m C call me
Hello, I’m D B Nice
Hello, I'd like B
Hello. Is Jim A
Hello, is Tom in? A Who’s
Hello, may I have an C
Hello, may I speak to Liu D
Hello, may I speak to Mi B
Hello, may I speak to Zha C
Hello, may I talk? A.Sorry
Hey, Linda. C I'm just
Hey, Tom, what’s up? B.
Hi! George. D. Fine,
Hi, haven't seen B
Hi, I'm glad B Me
Hi, I'm Liz. -- A. Hi
Hi, is Mary A Hold
Hi, is Thom C Hold
Hi! Jim. C Nice /D Nice
Hi, welcome back A. Oh
Hi,Tom, B Hm, not
How about going fishi B
How about going for D
How about going to C
How are you feeling? A
How are you today? A
How are your paren? C
How are you, Bob? B
How are you? You B
How can I get t B. Sorry
How clever C Thank
How could you C. I'm
How did Tom D
How do I get to.D Go
How do you do? B
How do you do? Glad.B
How do you go C. By
How do you like D
How good the C
How is everything? D
How is it that A
How is Mr Brown?C
How is your father C
How is your mother?B.
How's your family?- C.
How's your mother B.
How many students D
How much? B Ten
How much? C. It costs
How often?C.
How soon C In three
How tall D She is as
How was A. Oh,
How would D C

I am terribly B Don't
I beg your A I said
I believe we' C
I can’t.A no problem
I didn't mean to do B
I do apologize B Don’t
I doubt whether B. It'
I failed the maths B.
I feel sick. C Do you
I had a D Oh, I’m
I have an A
I have passed the E D
I have passed the m C
I have lost my A.
I hear you got C Thanks
I heard Susan B. Susan
I heard you go C Thanks
I hope you C
I missed.B What
I need to go C At about
I really don't B
I think B So do I.
I was born B And you
I was worried B
I went to the beach. C
I wish you D The
I wonder A. Sure
I wonder B. Go
I'd like to A Single
I'll be away on D
I'll fly to Shanghai D.
I'll go camping C
I’m afraid .A What
I’m engaged! A
I’m going.A
I'm not an English D
I'm really A
I’m sorry for D Never
I’m sorry. Bob.A.
I’m sorry. I .A.
I'm sorry to have A
I'm sorry to hear that A
I’m sorry to trouble you C
I’m sorry to trouble you. Can B
I'm taking my B
I’m terribly B It doesn’t
I've got your A
I've heard A
I've passed .C Cong
If you B
Is it OK if I C
Is it possible D I think
Is that a Japanese C
Is there anyone B
It is cold today D
It’s rather.B No,
It's nearly ten. D. Good
Jim, please B Sorry,
Let me help you A
Let me introduc C/B/D Pl
Let’s go? B
Let's have a C
Many people B
Marilyn, I’m B Oh,
May I . C
Medam,do D Sorry,
Merry Christmas D
Mike,I am C Have a
Morning, sir._D. Anything
Mr. Jones, this is B
Must I be A No, you
Must I take D don’t
My brother fell off his B.
My son won A
Nice day B
Nice to meet C. Nice
Nice to see you B
Now let’s? D. Yes,
Oh, dear! I’ve ju A/B Don't
Oh, dear! I've lost D
Oh, sorry to.A That
Oh,Betty, we A I’d
Oh,dear!I’ve lost D
On side of the B
Our class won C
Paul, this is my D Glad
Paul,______? B. who’s
Please help yourself to the fish. A
Please help yourself to the seafood D/A:Thanks
Pleased to meet you! A.
Shall I drive D have a
Shall we go D
Shall we sit A I’d
She is running B
Smoking is forbidden D
So how do you B Oh,
So, A what did
Sorry I’m late.D Forget
Sorry to give C It's
Sorry, I couldn’t B That’s
Sorry. I have C It
Susan is A. How
Take these A Thank
Thank God. D The
Thank you ever B
Thank you for carr B
Thank you for helping .C
Thank you for inviting C.
Thank you for the delici A
Thank you for the wond D
Thank you for your gre A
Thank you for your help B
Thank you for your inv B
Thank you for your nic A
Thank you so much B
Thank you very D It's
Thank you very B You're
Thanks a lot A
Thanks for inviting C
Thanks for the D
Thanks for your help.A
That’s a beautiful A
The summer C. Have
The weather A. I hope
This box is B I’ll give
This is a chall A
This is John. C. Hello
This is Mr. Green A
This week, I will A
Tomorrow is C Many
Unbelievable! B Cheer up
Waiter! C. Yes
We are going A I’m afraid
We are sure of C. Don't

need some B. Let’s
We really enjoy B
We’ll have .A Good luck
We'd like A Small
WWhat ca to the C How
Welcome to Beijing! A.
Welcome to Unitex .C
Well done and B congratul
Well done C Thank
Well done, Jim.C. Thank
What a beautiful dress D
What about A Good
What are you majoring? C
What can I do A.I want
What can I do B. Could
What can I do C. I want
What can I do A No,
What do you do? C
What do you think of my D
What do you think of the C
What do you think of this B
What do you think of you D
What do you want C I'd
What does. A She/C.He is a
What does Peter D
What is she? - A She is
What is your C She is
What would C
What’s this A It’s a
What’s your C He is
What's happened to A
What's the matter with C
What's the matter, dear? B
What's the matter, John? A
What's the most A Football
What's the problem C
When are you.D. This
When are you.B. Next
When did you A
When you can' B
Where is Kate? A. She
Where is Miss Smith? B
Where is the Loan B This
Which sweater? D I can’t
Who’s speaking C
Who’s that C speaking
Whom does the A
Why didn’t D Sorry,/A Sorry
Why not go C. I’m
Why not join A.OK!
Will you B
Will you A Certainly
Wish you D
Would you be C
Would you go A
Would you like another?B No
Would you like some more? D
Would you like some more coff? C
Would you like some more rice? A
Would you like something A
Would you like to go skating C
Would you like to go to C Yes,
Would you like to go to B. I'd
Would you like to go to A OK
Would you like to see A/C Yes,
Would you mind changing C
Would you mind closing A
Would you mind if I C
Would you please pass D
Would you please show B
Would you rather D
Wow!This is C Thanks
You haven't A
You have a A
You know, B. That’s
You speak C Thank you
Your dress is D Thank
Your garden A Thank you
You've B
--?--, could you please A.
--?--Do you C
--?--Fine, thanks. D. How
--?--He's a D
--?--He is not C How is he
--?--He teach C what is
--?--I’m from. A
--?--I'm suffering D.
--?--I think you B
--?--I would C Can
--?--It's Friday.A
--?--Please call me. B
--?--Quite well.C How
--?--Thank you. A
--?--This is B
--?--today C
--?--to have C
--?--Very well D How
--?--Well, they B
--?--Welcome B Merry
--?--You too! A Merry

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