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Topic 1

Teachers and Textbooks

Textbook is not the only resource for teaching English. A teacher could choose his teaching materials according the needs of his or her students. There are a lot of materials available on the Internet for the English teaching purpose.

Then why do we have textbooks? Are there any relationship between teachers and textbooks? The answer is YES. Teachers and students use textbooks to teach each other. Sometimes we don’t like our students so much because of the textbooks. And sometimes students don’t like us so much because of the textbooks, I mean here, when the textbooks are too much for the students. And it is difficult for the students to meet the requirements or goals that the textbooks are intended for.

As for me, I would still like to use textbooks. Why? Textbooks save a lot of work from teacher’s perspective. I don’t have to print tons of materials before going into the classroom. After all textbooks provide a relatively systematical knowledge students need to master for a certain long period of time.

The important thing is that teachers need to use textbooks flexibly and creatively. We don’t have to follow every part of the textbooks. We need to make some changes and tailor the textbooks to meet the real needs of our students. In a word, the textbooks should make teachers grow in teaching and students grow in learning.

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