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Nice to meet you课件

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Module 1 Nice to meet you

Unit 1

Words and expressions meet first English lesson class student Miss twelve

认识;遇见 第一 英语 (一节)课 班级 学生 女士;小姐(对未婚女性) 十二

Words and expressions year ……岁 thirteen 十三 too 也 from 从……来 close 关闭 open 打开 match 相称;匹配 write 写 practise 练习

Language notes:
1.Nice to see/meet you.(=It’s nice to see you.) Glad/Pleased to see you.(=I’m glad/pleased to see you.) 很高兴见到你。 2.I’m from Wuhan.我来自武汉。(我是武汉人。) I’m from China and I’m Chinese. He’s from Bejing and he’s a Beijinger. You are from Guangdong and you’re a Cantonese. 3.I’m a student and I’m thirteen years. I am a boy and she is a girl. We are in Class 5 and we are friends. 我们经常用and把两个或更多的句子合并成一个并列句,使意 义表达更紧密。 4.I’m…= I am… You’re…= You are… He/She’s…= He/She is… 系动词Be必须与主语正确搭 配。 We’re…= We are… They’re… = They are…

教师的自我介绍----Hello.My name’s… I’m … years old. I’m a teacher and I’m Chinese. I’m from …
My name’s =My name is

The first [f????st]第一 English lesson [lesn](一节)课

Chinese father mother student

class friend school teacher

Listen and check

How many people speak? 1 2


Who are they?

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