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where are we going?
Producer:Mi chao

This program is from Korea. Five star-daddies will take care of their babies without mothers. They went to lots of different areas including countryside and desert. Without moms, what will happen in the next days? The daddies, especially famous star-daddies, how could they figure out those problems?


Let’s see some informations about these five groups of Dad and kid.

The first group
? Zhiying Lin: His english name is Jimmy,a famous actor and singer in Taiwan. He is also a professional race car driver. ? His son called Kimi, and he is 4 years old. Kimi is very popular in this program because of his innocence and virtuous(善良的) heart.

Jimmy gained so many fans by his ageless face and remarkabl e acting skills. And whirlwind Asia’s entertainment industry in a short time. So he also called : Asia Whirlwind Boy. (亚洲旋风小子)

Jimmy’s wife named Kelly. Their son’s name Kimi combin ed a part of their names.

The secend group
Tian Liang: He was a famous diver who had won many world champions. Now, he changes profession to an actor after retired from national team. Tian Yucheng:Tian’s daughter . Her English name is Cindy. And because of Tian’s oral speech, he often call his daug hter : Sen Die (森蝶). Tian’s wife is Ye Yiqian. She is famous by Super Girls.

The girl called Cindy is such a beautiful girl , whose Chinese name is Tianyucheng . She were born in 2008, so she is a 5 year old girl now . As we all know ,her parents are both stars, her father , a famous diver ,whose name is Tianliang . In the show , her father are still companing with her ,it is easy for us to realize that her father loves her very much than her mother.

The third group
Zhang Liang: A famous super model. He is the first Chinese who has joined Milan Fashion Week.Before his model career, he had been a chef for 5 years. Zhang Yuexuan: Nickname is Tian tian.After this program, Zhang Lian g and Tiantian become very popul ar in the 5 families. Zhang is good at cooking, and the other fathers couldn’d cook well. When they hav e to cook by themselves, other daddies and babies often wait for a feast by the big chef— Uncle Zh ang.

Tian tian

A child model

The forth group
Guo Tao: He is an famous actor and a master worker: [ Crazy Stone ] ( 疯狂的 石头) Guo Zirui: Guo’s son , in order to in memory of his father’s film , so his nickname is Shitou (Stone).

Age:six years old

Born:in Beijing
Favorite food:fruit and ve

Favorite toy:playmobile Character: brave,naughty,

The last group

Wang Yuelun: A director, graduated from Beijing Film A cademy. His wife is Li Xiang, a famou s compere(主持人) in Hunan TV. Wang Shiling: Wang’s daught er. Her English name is Angel a.


Though she is the young est girl in the group ,she is so thoughtfulness and kind-hearted . She is the apple of his father’s eyes ,and she always gets along well with her father .

Uniting(团结) Cooperation(合作) Be eager to help others

During the experience of living with fathers, these babies were grown up . They learned more about :

?父亲们很少说”我爱你”, 虽然那份感觉一直都在那, 但不 知道为什么这小小的三个字, 却最难与人分享, 而父亲说” 我爱你”. 用言语没法比拟的方式, 或是温和地在床头讲故 事, 或是一场友好的捉迷藏游戏, 你可以看到”我爱你”这 些字, 从父亲孩子起的眼睛里, 当他兴奋地跑回家, 脸上带着 难以掩饰的惊喜, 父亲说”我爱你”, 用他强有力的援助之 手, 用他的微笑帮你度过难关. 他踌躇地说”我爱你”, 带着 笨拙的温柔, 他无私地表达他的爱, 付出他的全部. 父亲很少 说出口的爱, 随着光阴流逝变得清晰,有时在响亮的笑声中, 有时在欢乐的泪水中. 可能他们表达他们的爱, 只能用自己 的方式, 因为父亲的爱, 绝非言语所能诠释.

If you want to know the details, please coutinue to watch the Hunan TV prog ram—“Dad, where ar e we going” at 10 o’ clock. every Friday.

预知详情如何, 请继续关注由湖南卫视 每周五晚10点 播放的“爸爸去哪儿”。


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