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Unit 1 Public Signs

What can you see in these pictures?

New words


?should应当意指应该?shouldn’t=should not?smoke吸烟

?Public sign 公共标志

What does this sign mean?

Where can we see this sign?

You shouldn't....


Let's practice!

?A:What does that mean??B:It means........

Today is Saturday.Ben and his cousin,Jack, are in the park.Jack is only four years old but he always has a lot of questions.He sees some public signs

in the park.He us asking Ben some questions.

J:There are a lot of signs here.BenB:Yes,They're public signs.They mean different things.

J:There's a sign on the wall.What does it mean?B:It means 'Danger!'J:Can I go in?

B:No,you can't.You must stay away from the building.?????

?J:There's a sign on the grass.What does it mean?

?B:It means'Keep off the grass‘?J:What does that mean?

?B:It means we shouldn't walk on the grass.

?J:The sign on the bird's cage is interesting.What does it mean?

?B:It means ’Be quiet!'We shouldn't make noise here.

?J:Now I know a lot about public

Can you finish it?

Now we know a lot about________in the

park.They________different things.We _______walk on the grass .We sign on the building in the park means'Danger'.We must_________from it.

Let's PLAY!~~





?用D部分的句型看图造句例如第三幅图中:Jack:Can I watch TV at 7:30?Mum:NO,you can't.You should read some books now.

Thank you for watching!

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