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Teens mirror negative features of mom’s friendships 妈妈们的交友之道“教坏”青少年

The manner by which a mother interacts with her friends serves as a role model for how an adolescent child develops his/her own peer friendships. 妈妈们与朋友之间的相处方式,在一定程度上是给未成年孩子们处理自己同龄人间友情的一种示范。

Unfortunately, teens often pick up on the negative elements in a relationship, such as conflict and antagonism, and then copy these attitudes into their own relationships.


The new study investigated a previously understudied association —how a parent’s friendships influence the emotional well-being of their adolescent children.


For the study, doctoral student Gary Glick and Amanda Rose, Ph.D., studied the development of friendships and other peer relationships during adolescence and their impact on psychological adjustment.


They found that adolescents may mimic the negative characteristics of their mothers’ relationships in their own peer-to-peer friendships suggesting that mothers can serve as role models for their adolescents during formative years. 他们在研究中发现,青少年模仿妈妈们在交友处理问题上一些不好的做法然后照搬到自己的交友模式中,这也同样表明了妈妈们在交友之道上对孩子们起到的模范作用是十分重要的。

Additional findings suggest that adolescents internalize their reactions to their mothers’ conflict with adult friends which may lead to anxietyand depression.


Previous research of this type focused on elementary-aged children, but MU researchers wanted to expand their study to focus on the formative adolescent years.


Youth ranging in age from 10 to 17 and their mothers were polled separately to measure perceived positive and negative friendship qualities in both groups. 专家们对一些10到17岁的青少年进行实验研究,并将他们的母亲分开实验,在两组中分别地纪录了一些她们积极和消极的交友做法。

Results showed that positive friendship qualities were not always imitated by adolescents; however, negative and antagonistic relationship characteristics exhibited by mothers were much more likely to be mimicked by the youth studied.


“We know that conflict is a normal part of any relationship —be it a relationship between a parent and a child, or a mother and her friends —and we’re not talking physical altercations but verbal conflicts, ” Glick said. “我们都知道争执矛盾是任何人物关系中很正常的一部分 - 不论是家长和孩子的关系中还是母亲们的交友关系中 - 我们不是在说身体上的争执而是言语上的对立。” 博士格里克这样讲道。

“But being exposed to high levels of such conflict generally isn’t going to be good for children. Parents should consider whether they are good role models for their children especially where their friends are concerned. When things go awry, parents should talk with their children about how to act with their friends, but more specifically, how not to act.”


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