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①We will come to see you the day after tomorrow.

② There will be a wonderful show next week.

①The students will come and work in the lab once a

week. ②We will come and work in this factory every year.

Simple future tense 常用的表达方法
? Will/shall+V原 ? Be+ing

? Be

going to+V原

? Be


? 一般现在时表将

? 1.Unless the taxi comes soon,we’ll lose the plane. ? 2.You will fell better after taking this medicine. ? 3.As the railway is not yet open to traffic,we shall go by boat. ? 4.Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

? 1.常用于带有状语从句的主句中。
? 侧重临时决定计划,打算, 意愿。 ? 3.推测,仅次于must.

Be going to+V原
? 1.He is going to be a teacher when he grows up. ? 2.We are going to call a meeting to discuss it. ? 3.Look at these black clouds-there is going to be a storm. ? 4.Marry is putting on weight.He is going to be quite fat.

We can get it!
? 1.经过考虑现已计划好的。

? 2.表说话人根据某一迹象判断,一定会 发生的。

? 1.We are leaving on Friday. ? 2.Rose is coming to the UK this week. ? 3.The plane is taking off at 5:30.

Thinking …………
? 常用于表示移动性的动词 eg:come, go, leave, start, arrive等,也可用于其它 动态动词

be +to +do
? I am to have tea with Mark this afternoon. ? There is to be an investigation. ? The Queen is to visit Japan next year . ? The Prime Minister is to speak on television tonight.

The last:simple present tense expresses simple future tense
? 1.I hope you have a good time=I hope you will have a good time. ? 2.I hope she likes the flowers=I hope she will like the flowers. ? 3.I bet it rains tomorrow=I bet it will rain tomorrow. ? 4.I will see (to it)/make sure/certain that you don’t get lost. ? 5.If it is fine tomorrow,we will go to the countryside.

? Tomorrow is Saturday.
? The train leaves at 7:30 this evening.

I KNOW~~~~~~~
? 1.I hope/bet后面的that分句中,一般现在 时表将来 ? 2.See (to it)/make sure/make certain+that分句中 这三个短语本身可用将 来时,但从句中必须用现在时表将来。 ? 3.状语从句中遵循主将从现在。 ? 4。在主句中一般现在时表示将来时间通常指 按照时间表或既定日程一定会发生的将来事态。

? 比较will/shall+v原和be going to, be going to和be+ing, be+ing和to do, simple present tense和be+ing的相同 和不同之处。 ? 做151页的练习题

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