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part1选择填空。(20分 )

( ) 1.What’s this? It’s an________

A duck B elephant C fish

( )2.Hello,I _____ Sam.

A am B is C are

( ) 3. My _______are your friends.

A friend B friends C friends

( ) 4 How many ________are there? Four. \

A turtle B frog C sheep

( ) 5 What’s ______ favourite fruit?I like apples.

A we B you C your

( ) 6 What _______you doing? I’m singing.

A are B is C am

( ) 7 He is_______a bath.

A take B taking C taking

\( ) 8 I don’t like________

A mango B mangoes C mangoes

( ) 9 Lily often_______a red skirt.

A wearing B wears C wear

( ) 10 Some ______are on the table.

A mice B mouse C mouses


1.He _________ (have) got a new bike.

2.Linda ________(eat) pineapples every day.

3.Where _________(be) Sam and Tom? They are in the zoo

4.This is _________( I ) new pencil.

5.I like _________(tomato).

6.They _________(have) got a white dog.

7.Mingming’s _________(eye) are big.

8.What________(be) it? It’s a giraffe.

9.How many ________(peach) can you see? Six.

10.That’s our ___________(swim) pool.


1.r o s h e _____________ 2.l r u e r _______________ 3.h t r i e ______________

4.l o m e n _______________ 5.r a o n e g ______________ 6.c c o o t u n _______________

7.t o m h u______________ 8.m n o y k e_______________ 9.h p p i o______________

10.c r r o a t _______________


1.chicken(改为复数)__________ 2.sleep(改为复数)_____________

3.wrtie( 加ing)___________ 4.potato(改为复数)_____________

5.go(第三人称单数)___________ 6.box(改为复数)_______________

7.play(加ing)__________ 8.watch(第三人称单数)__________

9.big(改为反义词)___________ 10.put(加ing)___________





4.老鼠是灰色的。_____________________________________________ 5狗是棕色的。_______________________________________________

6.The houses are very nice and beautiful.________________________________

7.Let’s have a fruit and vegetable party._________________________________

8.He’s got three eyes and four ears. ____________________________________

9.9.I din’t like bananas,but I like watermelons.______________________________ 10.10.Would you like an apple? Yes,please.__________________________________

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