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Animation brief introduction

As the first large 3D cartoon about knight-errant for celebrating the Spr, 作为中国第一部大型武 Qin‘s moon was fused 侠3D动漫,《秦时明月》 knight-errant, fantasy and 融武侠、奇幻、历史于 history into an organic whole. 一体,引领观众亲历两 It can lead the audiences 千年前风起云涌、瑰丽 have a taste of the change 多姿的古中国世界。 of history two thousand years ago and the ancient Chinese world.


Abstracting a story


The whole play begins with Qinshihuang unified six nations and establish the first empire of China, end with Xiangyu seize the overlord in Xianyang. It has a time span about 30 years. And it tell an inspirational story about how Tianming as well as his Companion becomes peerless hero and changes the course of history .

全剧从秦始皇统一六国 建立中国第一帝国开始, 到西楚霸王项羽攻陷咸 阳结束,时间跨度30年, 讲述少年天明最终成长 为盖世英雄,凭一己之 力改变历史进程的热血 励志故事。

Abstracting a story
Tianming, the young boy lives as a stubborn weed in the roily times. He must face the tyranny and sinister enemies, and live through the vicissitudes of family love, friendship and love. Finally, he became the decisive power to create a new era, and achieve a romantic and brilliant saga.


少年天明如杂草般顽强 生存于时代变革的乱世 之中,面对强暴的政权、 险恶的敌人,经历了亲 情、友情、爱情的沧桑 变幻,最终成为了终结 这个时代,开创新纪元 的决定性力量,成就一 段浪漫辉煌的传奇。

Main characters


Tianming is a mischievous boy, and he don't know how complex the world is . His anfractuous origin affects the changeable of the whole land. His father is the uttermost swordsman Jingke in the book, and his mother is a beautiful woman called Liji.

Main characters
Gaoyue is the princess of Yan which is a conquered nation. She lives a ordinary life as ordinary people, but she has an inherent temperament in her words. She is proficient in pharmacology. She is poor at kongfu, but have a gift in YinYang Magic.

Main characters
Shaoyu is the young period of Xiangyu in the

cartoon. He is the posterity of Xiangyan who is a famous general of Chu. And he is gifted
that he can hold up a tripod which weights 500kg. He is young, but he can act as a general when he faces his enemy.


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