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Unit5 meet the neighbours!

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neighbour 邻居 sport academy 体育学院 art college 艺术学院 writer 作家 husband 丈夫

everybody 每个人 welcome 欢迎 housewife 家庭主妇 photographer 摄影师 accountant 会计

Paul: Hello! My name’s Paul. Claire: Hello, Paul. My name’s Claire. I’m your new neighbour. Paul: Claire! That’s a nice name.

Paul: What do you do, Claire? Claire: I’m a student. What about you? Paul: I’m a student, too. I’m at the sports academy.

Paul: What about you?
Claire: I’m an art student. I’m at the art college.

Paul: Come and meet Karen. She’s my aunt. She’s a writer.

Paul: Karen, this is Claire. Claire’s our new neighbour.
Karen: Hello, Claire. Nice to meet you. Come and meet the family.

Karen: This is William, my husband. This is Lucy. And this is Robert William: How do you do, Claire? Claire: Hi, everybody! Thank you for the welcome!

Guided Conversation
Example: Is Claire Paul’s new neighbour? Yes, she is.

Is Claire a nice name? 6. Is he at the art college?
7. Is Karen a student? 8. Is she a writer?

2. Is Claire a teacher?

3. Is she a student?
4. Is Paul a teacher?

9. Is William Claire’s hunband?

5. Is he a student,too? 10. Is he Karen’s husband?

Example: Who’s Paul’s new neighbour? Claire is. 1. Who’s a student at the sports academy? 2. Who’s an art student?

3. Who’s Paul’s aunt? 4. Who’s a writer? 5. Who’s Karen’s husband?

Example: Is Claire Paul’s new wife? No, she isn’t his new wife. She’s his new neighbour. 1. Is Claire a teacher?

2.Is she a student at the sports academy?
3.Is Paul a writer? 4.Is he a student at the art college? 5.Is Karen a student? 6.Is William Claire’s husband?

Example: Claire/Paul’s new neighbour?(Who….?) A: Is Claire Paul’s new neighbour ? B: Yes, she is. A: Who is Paul’s new neighbour ? B: Claire is. 1. Claire/ art student? (Where ….?) 2.Paul/ student? (Where ….?)

3.Karen/writer?(Whose aunt ….?)
4.William/Karen’s husband(Whose husband ….?)

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